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Labour Migration Governance Task Force

Labour migration governance in hard times - New approaches for reconciling economic needs and social resistance
20 February 2014

The crisis has reduced, but not suppressed shortages at both the upper and lower end of European labour markets and discussions on opening legal channels for migration have been off the political agenda.

Labour migration governance in hard times

Workshop 3 - developing external relations
30 May 2012

This Task Force meeting addressed the issue of developing external relations in the field of labour migration.

Workshop 2 – framing the systems
1 March 2012

This meeting looked at which system should be developed in order to manage labour migration at EU level.

Workshop 1 – defining the needs
24 November 2011

The first meeting of the LAB-MIG-GOV Task Force looked at the relevance of EU Labour Migration policy and whether EU labour markets need extra workers coming from outside the EU, considering the economic crisis and its ongoing implications, in particular rising levels of unemployment.

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Labour Migration Governance Task Force