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New Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study results - Implications for Europe - Roundtable
25 January 2017

Fostering pharmaceutical innovation: what role for regulation? - Roundtable lunch discussion
25 June 2014

This roundtable discussion was organised as part of discussion series ‘Transformations - How pharmaceutical innovation is changing healthcare’.

Pharmaceutical innovation: is Europe equipped to meet future challenges? - Roundtable lunch discussion
6 May 2014

This roundtable discussion was organised as part of discussion series ‘Transformations - How pharmaceutical innovation is changing healthcare’.

Food taxes in the EU: an effective means to economic and health ends?
19 June 2013

A number of EU countries have experimented with food taxes, but the issue is extremely divisive and there is little consensus over whether they are justified on economic and health grounds.

Food taxes in the EU

Fat, salt and sugar taxes in EU Member States - Delivering economic and health gains? - Workshop
19 June 2013

This workshop reviewed the experience of a number of Member States and assessed the economic and health impacts of food taxes, and explored how far food taxes have been successful in tackling obesity and in incentivising people to adopt healthier lifestyles. Experts also discussed the impact of food taxes on cross-border trade and competition within the EU.

From cost to investment and value: a new look at public health spending - Roundtable
24 January 2013

This roundtable, organised together with the European Health Technology Institute for Socio-Economic Research (EHTI), discussed public health spending from the point of view of the different stakeholders and experts involved in the healthcare system.

eHealth solutions: Additional cost burden or efficiency factor for Europe’s health systems? - Roundtable
30 November 2012

This roundtable discussion encouraged debate on whether eHealth solutions are a cost burden for health systems or if they can improve the sustainability of Europe’s health systems and reduce the costs of healthcare.

Acceptance or resistance: what do we really think of eHealth solutions? - Roundtable
7 November 2012

This roundtable discussion considered stakeholders’ perceptions of personalised eHealth solutions, ascertained the underlying reasons for resistance and considered what more can be done to tackle it.

Fostering innovation in the health arena - What role for health technology assessments? - Roundtable
23 May 2012

Financing and delivering health services requires that decisions are made about the way the health system is organised and what health interventions will be promoted and reimbursed. Making these decisions requires information about the safety, benefits and cost-effectiveness of different solutions.

The role of education, regulation and personal choice in promoting better nutrition and health - Are we using the right tools?
4 May 2012

Obesity is rising in Europe. Food labelling and government regulation such as taxation could help, but potential solutions must not limit personal choice, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

The role of education

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