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Single European Labour Market Task Force

Skills mismatch and shortages in Europe: A need for increased labour mobility? - Workshop
28 February 2013

This workshop explored the current and forecast skills mismatch and labour shortages in the EU, and focused on the potential of increased labour mobility in addressing labour market bottlenecks.

Intra-EU mobility of third country nationals: making use of existing tools at EU level and the ways forward
22 January 2013

This workshop explored and discussed mobility of third country nationals within the EU, and debated ways of enhancing the effectiveness of possible policy and legal options, such as tools to improve access to work opportunities and options to recognise foreign qualifications.

Single European Labour Market
12 November 2012

As part of its key project on how to complete the Single European Labour Market, the EPC and Eurofound brought together key experts from Central and Eastern Europe to discuss the mobility of workers and labour shortages in this region at a one-day workshop.

Workers' mobility in Central and Eastern Europe
7 November 2012

This workshop, organised together with Eurofound, brought together key experts from Central and Eastern Europe and discussed the question of whether the migration flow into Western Europe has created labour shortages in this region.

Costs and benefits of EU mobility
19 September 2012

This workshop focused on the costs and benefits of EU mobility from different perspectives – European, national and individual.

Workers' mobility in Europe: what trends?
13 June 2012

This workshop focused on European workers, examined their attitude to mobility and shed light on this complex phenomenon.

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