Publications 2016

Rethinking the EU’s investment strategy: EFSI 2.0 needs a Social Pillar to address economic insecurity
15 November 2016
Robin Huguenot-Noël (Former Policy Analyst at the EPC) and Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

Can EFSI 2.0 square the circle of higher productivity and less inequality in a world of more limited funding?

EU migration policies after the US elections: pushing the limits?
15 November 2016
Yves Pascouau (Senior Adviser to EPC on migration and mobility policies)

Is a new era of migration policies about to commence?

What to expect from the new president of Moldova
14 November 2016
Paul Ivan (Senior Policy Analyst)

What does the election as president of the pro-Russian Igor Dodon mean for Moldova, the EU and its neighbours?

Economic governance in the Balkans: Towards a more sustainable path of economic development?
10 November 2016
Matteo Bonomi (Former Programme Assistant at the EPC)

EU-Balkan economics: the proof is in the pudding

The insurgency takes Washington
9 November 2016
Giovanni Grevi (Head of Europe in the World programme and Senior Fellow)

Giovanni Grevi discusses the outcome of the US elections, and what a Trump presidency might mean for Europe and the international world order

What kind of Brexit?
4 November 2016
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

Even though the UK’s High Court ruling has rekindled hope for Remainers, the outcome most likely is still a hard Brexit

The presidential campaign and the future of US trade policy: implications for transatlantic relations
27 October 2016
Peter S. Rashish (Senior Adviser to EPC on transatlantic economic relations)

Will it be Clinton’s progressive engagement with international trade or Trump’s new nationalism?

The bumpy road from Bratislava to Rome: the results of a (un)spectacular summit | Post-Summit Analysis
24 October 2016
Janis A. Emmanouilidis (Director of Studies)

Lack of unity persists at October Summit  

The enemy within: are modern European democracies afraid of introspection?
17 October 2016
Corina Stratulat (Head of European Politics and Institutions programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

Democratic societies in Europe have some soul-searching to do

EU@60 - Countering a regressive and illiberal Europe
13 October 2016
Janis A. Emmanouilidis (Director of Studies) and Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

What kind of Europe do we really want for the future?

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