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Challenge Europe Issue 19 - The next Commission: doing more and better
17 June 2009

As the current European Commission’s term of office draws to a close, media attention has focused on who will lead the institution for the next five years. Away from the spotlight, an intense debate is also underway on how best to organise its work. In this issue of Challenge Europe, leading experts analyse the challenges facing the Commission and suggest possible solutions to a number of dilemmas, focusing particularly on the need for more joined-up thinking to develop effective policies.

Challenge Europe Issue 18 - Is Big Brother watching you - and who is watching Big Brother?
10 December 2008

Amid rising concern that we are moving towards realising George Orwell's vision of an all-knowing, all-seeing government which uses pervasive and constant surveillance to control its citizens, this issue of Challenge Europe aims to contribute to the debate over how to strike the right balance between protecting citizens and respecting their civil liberties; between using the ever-increasing amount of data being collected, stored and shared for the benefit of individuals and society and respecting people’s right to privacy.

Challenge Europe Issue 17 - The people's project? The new EU Treaty and the prospects for future integration
6 December 2007

As EU leaders prepare to fly to Lisbon to sign the new Treaty on 13 December, this issue of the Challenge Europe includes a host of articles by leading experts analysing key aspects of the Treaty; assessing the prospects for further integration in light of recent experience; and considering how best to respond to one of the key challenges facing Europe’s politicians: namely, how to turn the EU from an elite-driven into a ‘people’s project’.

Challenge Europe Issue 16 - Europe (at) 50: back to the future
6 February 2007

As the European Union prepares to celebrate its 50th birthday, this issue of the Challenge Europe assesses its progress to date, the options it faces now as it wrestles with the dilemma over what to do about the Constitutional Treaty, and the challenges which lie ahead.

Challenge Europe Issue 15 - Dragons, elephants and tigers: adjusting to the new global reality
6 September 2006

Europe is only belatedly waking up to the challenge coming from the new economic superstars - the fiery Chinese dragon, the mighty Indian elephant and the roaring tigers - and must do more to make the most of the opportunities this offers and minimise the risks, warns this new issue of Challenge Europe.

Challenge Europe Issue 14 - Towards a European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice?
30 September 2005

Introducing a special issue of Challenge Europe devoted to "The European Union's strategy for Freedom, Security and Justice", John Palmer examines the remarkable growth in cooperation and even integration of EU Member States policies on justice and security. He warns that in the essential struggle against global terrorism, we must be vigilant to prevent the erosion of Europe's distinctive standards on freedom, rights and civil liberties.

Challenge Europe Issue 13 - What Future for Europe's Economic and Social Model?
31 March 2005

The need to pursue accelerated structural economic reform is now at the top of the European Union’s agenda. Introducing a special issue of Challenge Europe entirely devoted to the future of the European economic and social system, John Palmer, questions whether the pessimism about Europe’s economic future has not been overdone. He argues that European social values and its commitment to environmental sustainability – which are integral parts of the “Lisbon” reform process - should not be seen as economic burdens threatening competitiveness but more as entrepreneurial opportunities in an increasingly interdependent global economy.

Challenge Europe Issue 12 - Europe: How wide? How deep?
29 October 2004

In his introduction of the newest issue of Challenge Europe, John Palmer, reflects on the serious challenges to the European Union as it faces the reality of functioning as a Union of 25, while looking ahead to securing a peaceful, stable and prosperous climate beyond its borders through the new European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

Challenge Europe Issue 7 - Europe's new political agenda - Domestic and global
4 June 2002

Introducing the new issue of Challenge Europe John Palmer assesses the implications of the electoral shift to the right in European Union countries on the debate on The Future of Europe and Europe’s role in the world.

Challenge Europe Issue 5 - Building a European Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
4 October 2001

The European Union was never intended to be simply an economic entity. The 375 millions Europeans are not just consumers and producers: they are first and foremost citizens. The terrorist attacks last month in the US underline the need to recognise global security inter-dependence.

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