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2015: a year in elections – old trends and new challenges. A fresh look by young Europeans
22 January 2016

2015 had been hailed by many observers as the year during which voters would finally decide if the EU would survive. FutureLab Europe participants analysed European elections during 2015 highlighting old trends and new challenges.

EUSpring | Women's political participation in Tunisia
21 January 2016
Nihel Ben Amar (Professor at Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de Tunis; President of Tunisie vote)

Increasing the participation of women in political life in Tunisia

The Protocol of Frankfurt: a new treaty for the eurozone
12 January 2016
Andrew Duff (Visiting Fellow at the European Policy Centre and President of the Spinelli Group; former MEP)

Strengthening the EU’s economic governance

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