Publications 2016

Coping with the fragile consolidation of Tunisia’s transition

11 July 2016
Francesca Fabbri (Junior Policy Analyst)

Tunisia is often heralded as the only success story of the Arab Spring. Its transition since 2011 has undeniably led to peaceful, plural and democratic elections and to an encouraging new era for the Tunisian people. However, what came out of the last five years of change and struggle is still extremely fragile. Not only have urgently needed reforms been delayed, but precarious socio-economic conditions and heightening security threats also undermine the stability of the country. In this Policy Brief, Francesca Fabbri argues thatthe EU and its member states should not underestimate these fragilities, and that EU support for Tunisia’s transition needs to make a qualitative leap forward in order to enhance relations with Tunisia and make it a priority partner.

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