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Claire Dhéret
Claire Dhéret
Head of Social Europe & Well-being programme and Senior Policy Analyst
Tel:  +32 (0)2 235.08.81
Twitter: @cdheret

Claire Dhéret is Head of Programme/Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre where she leads the EPC’s Social Europe and Well-Being Programme. Her current work focuses on employment, social and health policies and how EU policies in these areas can positively impact citizens’ life. She has worked on various research projects, including with the EU institutions, and has led several Task Forces and expert groups, in particular on youth unemployment and social investment. In the past, she was also Programme Leader of the FutureLab Europe programme, which aims to encourage young people to be active European citizens and shape the future of their continent. She has also written extensively on a wide range of policy areas related to European economic and social policies, including cohesion policy, the EU budget, mobility of workers, the future of European industry, EU governance, social cohesion and well-being. She is a regular commentator in the media, acts as external expert for EU institutions and/or research institutes, moderates and participates in a range of public debates. Prior to joining the EPC, she was responsible for the Brussels office of the Robert Schuman Foundation, a French think tank.

Internal Responsibilities

Responsible for the EPC Social Europe & Well-being programme

Area of expertise

European social model(s), employment and social policies, mobility of EU workers, EU health policies & health systems, EU governance, EU cohesion policy, industrial policy, and the EU budget.


English, French, German

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Media appearances

Berlin Policy Journal
15 March 2018
'Youth Unemployment Is Symptomatic of How the Social Fabric Works in Europe'

Agence France Presse
1 February 2018
Le salaire minimum européen, un pilier de l’Europe sociale difficile à construire

Swiss Info (Swiss)
1 February 2018
El salario mínimo, un pilar de la Europa social difícil de construir

El Universal (Venezuela)
1 February 2018
El desempleo juvenil es un desafío todavía pendiente en Europa

Planet.fr (France)
1 February 2018
Salaire minimum: un pilier de l'Europe sociale difficile à construire

La Libre (Belgium)
31 January 2018
Chômage en zone euro: les jeunes toujours à la peine malgré la reprise

31 January 2018
Chômage en zone euro: les jeunes toujours à la peine malgré la reprise

DN (Norway)
16 November 2017
Experts warn: Gap between north and south can threaten EU legitimacy

27 September 2017
Macron veut booster le moteur franco-allemand

Sta (Slovenia)
8 May 2017
Analiza: Francoske parlamentarne volitve velik vprašaj

Associated Press
8 May 2017
Outcome of the French elections

Altinget (Sweden)
25 April 2017
Experter: Målet politiskt farligt

Regione Lombardia (Italy)
6 October 2016
Aprea: nostro modello 'Garanzia Giovani' best practice europea

Le Vif (Belgium)
21 September 2016
Lancement d'un Erasmus de longue durée pour les apprentis

Liberation (France)
19 July 2016
A Bruxelles, la difficile lutte contre les dérives

Phileleftheros Newspaper (Cyprus)
13 July 2016
Δύσκολες και επίπονες προβλέπονται οι διαπραγματεύσεις

La Razón (Spain)
29 June 2016
Brexit: Salto hacia lo desconocido

La Croix (France)
29 June 2016
Que peut offrir l’Europe à sa jeunesse ?

Deutsche Welle (Germany)
2 June 2016
Labour reform protests in France

12 November 2014
Europe’s re-industrialisation agenda: A green policy U-turn?

Ugebreveta4 (Denmark)
18 September 2014
Social dialogue in the new Commission

Trends (Belgium)
18 September 2014
The future portfolio of Marianne Thyssen, Commissioner-designate for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility

La Razón (Spain)
26 June 2014
La desunión euroescéptica

Radio Latvia
17 April 2014
Labour mobility and unemployment

Il Sole-24 Ore
16 December 2013
What future for European welfare states?

3 October 2013
Bruxelles veut donner une touche sociale à la politique économique de l’eurozone

ORF Radio
8 August 2013
EU regional competitiveness

8 August 2013
EU regional competitiveness

2 July 2013
EU action on youth unemployment

RTV SLO (Radio Slovenija)
2 July 2013
The difficult fight against youth unemployment

Il Sole 24 Ore
1 July 2013
EU job creation recipes

Radio Slovenia 1
6 April 2013
The social impact of the crisis

Kristeligt Dagblad
7 February 2013
EU Budget negotiations

Radio Svoboda
5 February 2013
Regional development in EU

Rynek niemiecki
19 November 2012
Covers Policy Brief on European protests

Adresseavisen (Norwegian daily)
15 November 2012
Pan-European strikes

15 October 2012
The future of EU funds

11 June 2012
Eurozone unemployment rate rising

NOTAT Magazine
11 May 2012
Eu’s løsningsmuligheder

7 May 2012
Bruksela - UE – Francja

4 May 2012
Votos em França vão afectar toda a Europa

Polskie Radio
24 April 2012
Eurokraci wolą Sarkozy'ego niż Hollande'a

Public Service Europe
2 August 2011
Put well-being at the heart of public services

Agenda (Danish)
3 June 2010
The similarity between the governance model of Europe 2020 and the Lisbon Strategy