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Yves Pascouau
Yves Pascouau
Senior Adviser to EPC on migration and mobility policies
Twitter: @YPascouau

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EPIM Policy Update
3 July 2017

Tensions rise over search and rescue operations in the Central Mediterranean

An Australian ‘model’ for the EU’s migration crisis?
2 June 2017

Managing migration the Australian way

EPIM Policy Update
12 April 2017

The EU-Turkey Statement one year on

EPIM Policy Update
17 February 2017

EU leaders seek closure of the Central Mediterranean migration route

EU external migration policy: In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king
6 February 2017

The Malta Declaration revealed the EU still focuses too much on security when it comes to migration

EPIM Policy Update
5 December 2016

The Visegrad countries and the issue of solidarity in relocation

EU migration policies after the US elections: pushing the limits?
15 November 2016

Is a new era of migration policies about to commence?

EPIM Policy Update
5 October 2016

The UN Summit for migrants and refugees - the way forward?

EPIM Policy Update
8 July 2016

France and Germany together for a stronger Europe on migration

EPIM Policy Update
15 May 2016

The EU-Turkey Statement - a new era in EU migration policy?

Measures and rules developed in the EU member states regarding integration of third country nationals - Comparative Report
29 April 2016

Comparing integration schemes in Europe

MIGRATION PANORAMA | Schengen in the spotlight: a Europe with or without borders?
12 April 2016

Schengen; borderless no more?

EU-Turkey Summit on the refugee crisis - Law and (dis)order?
21 March 2016

Can the EU-Turkey deal be lawful and feasible in practice?

EPIM Policy Update
1 March 2016

Brexit and the potential impact on EU citizens' freedom of movement

The October 2015 European Council and migration: no news, good news?
19 October 2015

October Council fails to achieve much-needed re-orientation of EU migration and asylum policies

Why was the EU not prepared for the refugee crisis and what to expect next?
14 October 2015

Compendium of EPC publications on migration, asylum and mobility

Heads buried in the sand: member states block solutions to the refugee crisis
15 September 2015

Will the member states’ failure to find a common solution to the refugee crisis herald in the end of the Schengen area – or even the European integration project altogether?

Solidarity and asylum seekers: member states agreed to disagree
29 June 2015

The June European Council on the relocation of asylum seekers in the EU 

Schengen Anniversary - EPC Special Collection
10 June 2015

June 2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the Schengen Agreement

The EU’s migrant strategy: a welcome new impetus
19 May 2015

The European Commission shows political commitment and determination in its new migration agenda

Evidence on migrants' integration in Europe
28 February 2015

The state of play of migrants’ integration throughout the EU

EU labour migration policy by other means?
13 February 2015

Over the last 15 years, Member States have been quite reluctant to address labour migration issues at EU level.

Historical choices after the massacres in Paris
14 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo and Security: the consequences for Europe

The European Council’s strategic guidelines and immigration: can the EU be bold and innovative?
25 June 2014

European Council's future for the EU

Frontex and the respect of fundamental rights: from better protection to full responsibility
3 June 2014

Fundamental Rights at the EU borders

Migration and Integration - Common Challenges and Response from Europe and Asia
15 April 2014

Comparing and analysing migration and integration policies in the EU and Asia

Stigmatisation of EU mobile citizens: a ticking time bomb for the European project
24 January 2014

Romanian and Bulgarian freedom of movement within the EU

The future of the area of freedom, security and justice - Addressing mobility, protection and effectiveness in the long run
23 January 2014

Questions related to the “post-Stockholm Programme” phase

The Schengen Governance Package: The subtle balance between Community method and intergovernmental approach
12 December 2013

In this Discussion Paper, Yves Pascouau argues that the adoption of the Schengen governance legislative package illustrates a strong movement toward integration, where confrontations between the Community method and intergovernmental approach have given way to more subtle balance.

Pre-Summit Analysis
23 October 2013

The key topics on the agenda of this week’s European Council – the Economic and Monetary Union, growth and jobs, the digital economy and asylum and immigration policy – must be treated with urgency by EU leaders, say EPC analysts in this Pre-Summit Commentary.

People dying at the EU's external borders: Can the Summit find the right answer?
22 October 2013

Following the recent human tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea, EU leaders will discuss asylum and immigration policy at this week’s Summit. In this Commentary, Yves Pascouau argues that the EU must provide clear answers on what actions will be taken together at EU level.

The Stockholm Programme: What’s next?
22 July 2013

This EPC Information Paper is a background document to the discussions on future developments in the field of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) that took place during the Informal Meeting of JHA Ministers in Vilnius on 18 and 19 July 2013, following an invitation from the Lithuanian Presidency.

EU immigration policy: act now before it is too late
20 June 2013

EU member states are making negotiations regarding EU labour migration rules very difficult. Despite the narrow scope of these texts, there is no appetite among governments to make any push in this field. In this Commentary, Yves Pascouau addresses problems deriving from the imbalances of EU immigration policy and identifies some possible ways forward in particular regarding labour migration.

Making progress towards the completion of the Single European Labour Market
28 May 2013

In this Issue Paper, the authors propose an ambitious and comprehensive strategy towards labour mobility. This strategy aims to address obstacles to mobility, as well as create incentives to encourage people to move. It also aims to reinforce the role of public policies, both at the EU and national level, in order to address potential costs and optimise a better allocation of human resources.

Intra-EU mobility: the 'second building block' of EU labour migration policy
6 May 2013

Since 1999, EU labour migration has remained a field in which member states have proven to be reluctant to adopt common rules, thus neglecting to develop a sound and comprehensive EU labour migration policy. In this Issue Paper, Yves Pascouau explores how intra-EU mobility could be improved at EU level, and proposes solutions to enhance intra-EU mobility for migrant workers already residing in the EU.

Think Global - Act European
3 May 2013

The “Think Global – Act European” project brought together 16 think tanks and over 40 experts to examine the new challenges faced by the EU’s external action and reflec­t on the EU’s role as a global power.

Strong attack against the freedom of movement of EU citizens: turning back the clock
30 April 2013

In a joint letter sent to the Irish presidency, four Ministers launched a violent attack against freedom of movement of EU citizens. However, in this Commentary, Yves Pascouau argues that the letter goes further than the usual and recurrent calls for a revision of rules governing freedom of movement of EU citizens, and uses concepts and words normally used in the field of immigration, thereby enabling EU citizens to be compared and treated as foreigners.

Intra-EU mobility of third-country nationals - State of play and prospects
25 April 2013

This Discussion Paper by Yves Pascouau aims to explore how intra-EU mobility could be improved at EU level. It analyses existing EU rules and concludes that the right to freedom of movement is awarded to limited categories of third-country nationals and under different regimes which do not make mobility attractive.

Human rights violations in the field of migration: a collective responsibility
10 December 2012

In this policy area, migrants' human rights are being violated in some EU member states, with appropriate measures to put an end to such violations not always being taken. In this Policy Brief, Yves Pascouau outlines the current problems and proposes solutions to remedy the situation.

EU's labour migration policy
29 October 2012

In the Framework of the Charles Ullens’ Prize, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, Yves Pascouau has written an article on “EU’s labour migration policy: state of play and perspectives".

Schengen and solidarity: the fragile balance between mutual trust and mistrust
4 July 2012

This Policy Paper by Yves Pascouau examines the functioning of the ‘Schengen area’, which is based on solidarity mechanisms between its Member States and implies a high level of mutual trust.

Developing support for wavering asylum systems: convincing mechanisms?
27 June 2012

Wavering national asylum systems may lead to violations of EU and human rights rules. Different mechanisms are established to avoid such situation. In the commentary, Yves Pascouau evaluates to what extend such mechanisms are convincing or not.

Which Integration Policies for Migrants?
4 June 2012

Yves Pascouau and Tineke Strik co-edited a book on European and national integration policies. It contains the updated outcomes of a conference where interactions between those two levels of policymaking have been scrutinised and debated.

The Schengen evaluation mechanism and the legal basis problem: breaking the deadlock
31 January 2012

One of the immediate effects of the Arab Spring was the launch of intense discussions about 'Schengen governance'. While the package of proposals presented by the European Commission has opened a new debate regarding the possibility of reintroducing internal border checks, it has revived an 'old' proposal to make evaluating the implementation of Schengen rules more efficient. In this Policy Brief, Yves Pascouau proposes some solutions in order to move forward.

An Arab Springboard for EU foreign policy?
31 January 2012

Egmont, EPC and CEPS publish an assessment of the EU’s reaction

This Egmont Paper covers the key dimensions of the EU’s relations with its southern neighbourhood. Following a general assessment of the state of regimes in the region today, the paper addresses: political relations; a prospective Euro-Mediterranean economic area; natural resources; migration; the role of the military in the region; EU crisis management and the role of NATO; and, finally, the impact of the Arab Spring on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Solidarity and Austerity: The 2012 State of the European Union
31 January 2012

The 2012 edition of the Annual Brussels Think Tank Dialogue saw leading EU policymakers and academics discuss austerity and solidarity in crisis-hit Europe.

EU Single Permit Directive: a small step forward in EU migration policy
24 January 2012

In this Policy Brief, Yves Pascouau and Sheena McLoughlin show that the “EU Single Permit Directive” merely constitutes a small step forward in EU migration policy.

Conditions for family reunification under strain - A comparative study in nine EU member states
17 November 2011

This study sees Yves Pascouau evaluate developments with regard to conditions for family reunification in nine EU member states, taking into account the growing importance of family reunification rules at national and European level.

Internal border controls in the Schengen area: much ado about nothing?
28 June 2011

In this Commentary, Yves Pascouau, analyses the Conclusions of the European Council on the reintroduction of internal borders checks in the Schengen area.

Stronger after the crisis - Strategic choices for Europe's way ahead
16 June 2011

In this EPC Strategy Paper, the authors argue that Europe needs new momentum and that the EU and its members should concentrate their efforts on concrete, ambitious, yet realistic, strategic projects.

Growth, well-being and social policy in Europe: trade-off or synergy?
19 May 2011

This issue of Challenge Europe investigates how social policy can effectively contribute to deliver European citizens’ well-being and long-term sustainable growth.

Schengen area under pressure 2: the Commission recalls the EU nature of the Schengen system
10 May 2011

In this Commentary, Yves Pascouau analyses the response given by the Commission to the request from France and Italy to modify Schengen rules.

Schengen area under pressure: controversial responses and worrying signs
3 May 2011

In this Commentary, Yves Pascouau highlights controversial points arising from Italian-French tensions surrounding the management of internal and external Schengen borders.

Migratory flows from North Africa: challenges for the EU
7 March 2011

In this commentary, Yves Pascouau and Sheena McLoughlin outline three challenges the EU and its Member States have to cope with.