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Annika Hedberg
Annika Hedberg
Head of Programme 'Sustainable Prosperity for Europe' & Senior Policy Analyst
Tel:  +32 (0)2 286.93.75
Twitter: @AnnikaAhtonen

Annika Hedberg is a Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre (EPC) where she leads the Sustainable Prosperity for Europe Programme.

The Programme monitors and analyses developments within Europe’s economy, and discusses how to achieve growth that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. While managing EPC’s work on economic governance, transition to cleaner and smarter Europe, and enablers for change (including single market and digital agenda), she specialises in the internal dimension of the EU’s Energy Union, climate action, circular economy and smarter use of resources. She regularly writes, moderates events and speaks on these topics.

Prior to joining the EPC, she worked at the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA, a policy think tank based in Helsinki, and at the Finnish Foreign Ministry. She has a LL.M. in Public International Law from the Helsinki University and a BSc in International Relations and History from the London School of Economics.

Internal Responsibilities

Coordinating EPC activities related to economic governance, energy, climate, environment, single market, digital agenda and trade

Area of expertise

European political economy, energy, climate, environmental issues


English, Finnish

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The next EU budget: firmly rooted in the past?
7 May 2018

The starting point for the EU budget negotiations has been pragmatism, rather than vision.

Germany's energy transition: making it deliver
9 October 2017

Can Germany’s Energiewende lead the way to a more sustainable future?

Addressing the crisis of tomorrow: the sustainability of European health systems
21 September 2016

There is a strong rationale for the EU member states to work together in tackling the challenges affecting European health systems

Nord Stream II - yes or no? - Political decision of a political Commission
14 June 2016

Will this Commission be ready to defend EU principles and commitments when assessing Nord Stream II?

Nord Stream II – Testing EU unity and credibility
16 December 2015

The Nord Stream II deal raises political, energy security, economic and legal concerns

‘Blue Gold’ - The forgotten rationale for climate action
11 December 2015

Water should be a reason and an area for climate action

Towards better health outcomes - What role for pharmaceutical innovation?
10 December 2015

The EU has a strong interest to encourage development of and ensure access to safe, effective drugs, and promote their rational use.

REACHING FOR BLUE GOLD - How the EU can rise to the water challenge while reaping the rewards
30 November 2015

Water matters – it’s in the EU’s interest to manage the water challenge in Europe and beyond

Towards a sustainable European economy
13 October 2015

Will the EU rise to the challenge and use its policy framework to face the interlinked economic, ecological and climate crises - or fall behind?

Nord Stream II – Another test for EU unity
9 October 2015

The Nord Stream II deal raises a series of political, energy security, economic and legal concerns

Keeping health high on the EU agenda: role for economic governance?
7 May 2015

The importance of health as a contributor to economic stability and growth should not be forgotten

EU's quest for energy security - What role for the Energy Union?
3 March 2015

Can the Energy Union respond to the EU’s energy security challenge?

Europe’s energy security – is the Energy Union the answer?
28 January 2015

Russia's role in Europe's energy security

Towards a New Industrial Policy for Europe
12 November 2014

A new life for industry, a new life for Europe

Energy and climate - What is the new European Commission thinking?
30 September 2014

Change at climate’s expense? No thanks

Value of health – too often ignored and forgotten by EU policy-makers?
29 September 2014

Treating health in EU policy

Better use of resources is the means to growth, prosperity and welfare - but will the EU jump on the opportunity?
26 September 2014

Towards a sustainable economy

Russian belligerence and Europe’s energy security
19 March 2014

Russian actions highlights need for common EU energy policy

The 2030 framework on climate and energy - Getting Europe on the right track?
30 January 2014

Ways in which the EU could achieve the 2030 climate energy goals

Risky resources – Time to frame an EU approach to meeting the resource challenge
23 September 2013

In this Discussion Paper, Annika Ahtonen and Andrea Frontini examine the global resource challenge and its implications for Europe. They explore the socio-economic, environmental, political and security dimensions of the challenge, taking water as a specific example of an area for action, and call for a comprehensive and strategic EU approach both internally and externally.

Think Global - Act European
3 May 2013

The “Think Global – Act European” project brought together 16 think tanks and over 40 experts to examine the new challenges faced by the EU’s external action and reflec­t on the EU’s role as a global power.

Economic governance: helping European healthcare systems to deliver better health and wealth?
2 May 2013

As austerity measures hit the healthcare budgets, the tendency is to go for quick savings. This is short-sighted. The EU should use the European Semester to encourage cost-effective measures that can improve people’s health outcomes and ensure the sustainability of the healthcare sector today and tomorrow, writes Annika Ahtonen in this Policy Brief.

The Accessibility Act – Using the single market to promote fundamental rights
12 March 2013

In this Policy Brief, Annika Ahtonen and Romain Pardo give recommendations on how the forthcoming EU Accessibility Act could use the market in order to improve the wellbeing of people with disabilities as well as their social and economic participation.

The climate is changing - is Europe ready?
26 September 2012

Europe can no longer afford to pay for the consequences of climate change later: it must start to adapt now. This Issue Paper shows that the EU has various tools at its disposal to help member states, regions and businesses to carry out adaptation measures in a smart and cost-effective way.

Ignorance ain’t bliss: it’s time to recognise the impact of the environment and climate on health
25 April 2012

In this Commentary Annika Ahtonen argues that Europe must take more seriously the impact of the environment and climate change on health, and do more to reduce and prepare for unwanted health consequences.

Healthy and active ageing: turning the 'silver' economy into gold
12 March 2012

In this Policy Brief Annika Ahtonen argues that in order for Europe to address the demographic challenge and to turn it into an opportunity, it should make active and healthy ageing a project for the whole of society.

Solidarity and Austerity: The 2012 State of the European Union
31 January 2012

The 2012 edition of the Annual Brussels Think Tank Dialogue saw leading EU policymakers and academics discuss austerity and solidarity in crisis-hit Europe.

Green revolution: making eco-efficiency a driver for growth
26 January 2012

It is well-acknowledged that in order to exit the economic crisis, Europe must find ways to renew itself and it needs new sources of growth. This Issue Paper, written by Annika Ahtonen with Serban Chiorean-Sime, argues that eco-efficiency should be an important part of the solution.

Promoting health - should the EU have a role?
14 June 2011

In this Policy Brief, Annika Ahtonen and Benedetta Guerzoni consider whether the EU can and should have a greater role in health promotion and disease prevention in Europe.

Active and healthy ageing - can the EU deliver?
28 February 2011

In this Policy Brief Annika Ahtonen considers the challenges on the way and suggests how the newly launched European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing could deliver on this aim.

Adapting to climate change: what role for the EU?
10 November 2010

Although most action on climate-change adaptation will need to be taken at national, regional or local level, there are compelling reasons why the EU should also play a role, says this Policy Brief by Annika Ahtonen.

Challenge Europe Issue 20 - Europe 2020: delivering well-being for future Europeans
23 March 2010

Published on the eve of this week's EU Spring Council, this new issue of policy journal Challenge Europe includes contributions from policy-makers from the world of politics, business, academia, civil society and government on the Commission's Europe 2020 Strategy.