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Gas infrastructure planning in the EU
15 September 2016

Marco Giuli spoke at an expert roundtable on "The impact of energy efficiency and renewables on EU gas demand and infrastructure planning", organized by the Ecologic Institute, Prognos AG, and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.

Completing the EMU
5 December 2013

On 5 December, Fabian Zuleeg participated in a panel discussion entitled 'From economic coordination to economic governance: which micro- and macroeconomic instruments to sustain the real economy in fostering growth and jobs?' during a Public Hearing, organised by the European Economic and Social Committee on 'Completing EMU: Arguments and proposals for the next term of office of the European Parliament and the European Commission'.

How to boost growth
5 December 2013

On 5 December, Fabian Zuleeg participated in the recent EESC public hearing on Completing EMU - arguments and proposals for the next term of office of the European Parliament and the European Commission. To watch the video, click here

Youth unemployment
4 December 2013

On 4 December, Claire Dhéret gave a speech on youth unemployment at the Oslo Region's European Office.

Task Force on Youth Employment
29 November 2013

Towards Better Employment Prospects for Young People

Youth unemployment in Europe is reaching unsustainable levels in a large number of Member States, and this is likely to have long-term economic, political and social consequences on the EU as a whole. A series of initiatives have recently been proposed by the European Commission, which need to be adopted and implemented as soon as possible. Although the role of the EU is considered insufficient in comparison to the size of the issue, efforts should now be made to ensure that the limited funds available should be used in the most effective way possible.

The EPC is launching a new Task Force on how to offer better employment prospects to young people in Europe. The research will be structured around two pillars. First, it will look into what concrete initiatives and measures EU money have led to at the regional level and whether any conclusions can be drawn with regard to the implementation of the youth guarantee scheme. Second, the Task Force will take a longer-term perspective and explore how the education and training system can be better adapted to the needs of the labour market. The Task Force, chaired by Professor Ton Wilthagen, will put forward policy recommendations which could help shape policies in the short and medium term.

For more information or to become a member of the Task Force, please contact Claire Dhéret, EPC Policy Analyst.

Sustainable recovery and new jobs for Europe
28 November 2013

On 28 November, Fabian Zuleeg gave a lecture on 'Sustainable recovery and new jobs for Europe: How and When?' at the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU.

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Boosting industrial policy, growth and competitiveness in Europe
25 November 2013

On 13 November, Fabian Zuleeg took part in a panel debate on 'Boosting industrial policy, growth and competitiveness in Europe', organised by the Employers Group in the EESC.

Economic and financial crisis management
20 November 2013

On 20 November, Fabian Zuleeg spoke about the economic and financial crisis management of the EU at a seminar for Norwegian diplomats dealing with EU affairs from embassies across Europe.

Harnessing European labour mobility
20 November 2013

On 19 November, Claire Dhéret took part in a workshop organised by the Bertelsmann Foundation on 'Harnessing European Labour Mobility'.

2014 and the economic and financial crisis
14 November 2013

On 14 November, Fabian Zuleeg spoke on '2014: the year that leaves behind the economic and financial crisis?' to a group of journalists at a seminar organised by the European Journalism Centre on behalf of DG ECFIN.

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