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COVID-19: The EU’s response to the pandemic

Wednesday, 08 April 2020


Marta Pilati
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre
Simona Guagliardo
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre


Sophie Pornschlegel
Project Leader Connecting Europe

The outbreak of COVID-19 presents a new challenge to the European Union and the member states. National governments have taken drastic measures to keep the virus from spreading further. Whilst the EU has little competence when it comes to healthcare, it has, nevertheless, taken a range of financial measures to minimise the economic shock, and coordinated the supply of medical equipment and protective gear.

This Webinar will assess the measures taken to date by the EU and member states, discuss the long-term consequences of the public health crisis in Europe and how the EU should respond, and the impact of the crisis on European solidarity.

Simona Guagliardo, EPC Policy Analyst specializing in healthcare, and Marta Pilati, EPC Policy Analyst working on EU economic and fiscal policies, will give an overview of the EU’s response to the crisis to date, before opening up the discussion. It will be moderated by Sophie Pornschlegel, Project Leader of Connecting Europe.

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