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A bridge to jobs - How to support young people’s TransitionToWork since COVID-19?

Wednesday, 30 September 2020


Johannes Ebert
Secretary General, Goethe-Institut
Michael Schwarz
Executive Director, Stiftung Mercator
Nicolas Schmit
European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights


Sophie Pornschlegel
Connecting Europe Project Leader, European Policy Centre

Youth unemployment in Europe is twice as high as general unemployment. A quick and smooth transition into a first job is essential for young people’s careers and working lives. However, the economic recession as a result of COVID-19 is affecting the younger generation in particular, disrupting their education and their entry into the jobs market. Entry-level jobs have largely disappeared and recruitment processes are being delayed. How can we support effectively young people’s transition to work during the pandemic - and beyond - and contribute to a more inclusive recovery?

With this objective in mind, the European Commission presented its youth employment support package “A Bridge to Jobs for the next generation” on 1st July. Moreover, during the German Council Presidency, key dossiers are expected to be adopted such as the reinforced Youth Guarantee, the Skills Agenda, and the proposal for a Council Recommendation on vocational education and training. Implementation is the key to success and partners from the StartNet project across Europe will share their experiences and feedback for improved policies and practices with a view to providing all young people with the opportunities they deserve. 

There will be breakout sessions on four key topics: Social Inclusion, Orientation and Career Guidance, Key Competences, Vocational Education and Apprenticeships. Please find the programme here



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