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CHES Conference ‘Health in all Policies - A cornerstone of the economy of well-being’

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

This CHES Conference, which will discuss the extent to which health considerations are adequately integrated across different policies.
It will also look at the benefits of an inter-sectoral approach to European citizens’ health and explore how to put well-being at the centre of EU actions in the next institutional cycle.

The conference will start with an opening plenary presenting All Policies for a Healthy Europe, a multi-stakeholder initiative promoting health and well-being as transversal EU priorities. The plenary will be followed by parallel expert workshops, which will carry out an health-check of EU policies in the following areas*: 

1– Preserving citizens’ health through good air quality

 2 - Well-being in the workplace  

In the final plenary, experts will feed back the workshop findings and draw conclusions in the form of recommendations for policy-makers. The conference will be chaired by Hans Martens, Chair of CHES and EPC Senior Adviser.

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