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Cohesion policy 2021–2027 - What’s new?

Thursday, 24 September 2020


Marc Lemaître
Director General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission


Marta Pilati
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

Cohesion policy is the main investment vehicle of the EU aimed at reducing regional disparities across Member States. Accounting for one third of the EU budget, the policy will present some innovations in the next programming period 2021-2027, including with respect to its focus, allocation and structure. Additionally, the EU’s cohesion policy has been mobilised to respond to the COVID-19 crisis and will play an important role in spurring an equitable economic recovery across the EU’s territories. A new cohesion policy instrument, REACT-EU, is included in the recovery package, Next Generation EU, which was approved by EU leaders in July and is now being negotiated with the European Parliament.

Coming at the end of the current financial programming period, this online briefing will draw some initial conclusions about cohesion policy over the past 5 years and its main accomplishments. The conversation will also look ahead at what we can expect for 2021-2027. How will cohesion policy change in its structure and objectives? What innovations have been brought by the COVID-19 recovery package? How will the EU’s most vulnerable regions be supported towards a successful recovery and further economic development? How can cohesion policy support the green and digital transition?

Marc Lemaitre, Director General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission, will discuss these and other issues. The Briefing will be moderated by Marta Pilati, EPC Policy Analyst. 


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