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Reimagining philanthropy’s role after COVID-19 : Towards a more resilient Europe

Wednesday, 01 July 2020


Angel Font
Chair of the European Foundation Centre Corporate Director of Scientific Research at “la Caixa” Foundation
Anna Julia Donath
Member of Parliament, Renew Europe Group, Hungary
Dr. Oonagh B. Breen
Professor of Law, University College Dublin, Ireland
Janis Emmanouilidis
Director of Studies, European Policy Centre
Jean-Eric Paquet
Director General for Research and Innovation, European Commission


Jacki Davis
Meade Davis Communications

For the philanthropic sector the COVID-19 crisis carries considerable risks but also opportunities to protect the social fabric in Europe, enhance cross-border cooperation and support public-private initiatives. In a time of major economic recession, philanthropy can play a key role. It can help bridge the gap in public provision by supporting different sectors in need with, for example, medical and food aid, social assistance or research. At the same time, some philanthropic bodies have been directly affected by the financial uncertainty and parts of the population are sceptical about the role of philanthropy.

Against this background, this online discussion will take stock and discuss future prospects in the philanthropic sector in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. What risks and opportunities has the COVID-19 crisis thrown up? What has been the experience of the last months and how can cross-border philanthropy be enhanced? Is there a role for public-private initiatives between philanthropy and government at the European level? Can we foresee new forms of cooperation in the philanthropic sector? How can philanthropy evolve in a populist and “philanthrophobic” environment?

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