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The EU-US Privacy Shield: What future for transatlantic data transfers?

Thursday, 17 September 2020


Anna Buchta
Head of Policy and Consultation Unit, European Data Protection Supervisor
Eric Null
U.S. Policy Manage, Access Now, Washington DC
Oliver Patel
Manager & Research Associate, University College London European Institute


Andreas Aktoudianakis
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

The invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement adopted in 2016 by the European Court of Justice poses a major disruption for the secure transmission of EU data to the United States. The EU-US privacy shield is the chief mechanism permitting unrestricted transfers of personal data from the EU to over 5,300 US-based companies and enables Gmail, video calls on Zoom, cloud services provided by Amazon, Microsoft, and others in the EU. 

The European Court of Justice’s recent ruling found that the scope and pervasiveness of the US surveillance framework does not allow for a sufficient degree of protection for European data when transferred to the US, and could lead to violations of EU citizens’ rights under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. The lack of federal data privacy legislation and other practices could disqualify the US from a data adequacy decision issued by the European Commission, subject to final approval by the European Court. 
This webinar will explore questions at the intersection of data privacy, citizen rights, digital economy, and transatlantic relations: what are the likely consequences of the Court’s decision for commercial data exchanges between the US and the EU? What does the decision mean for the EU’s data protection model vis à vis data protection in the US? What will be the Trump administration’s response? What will be the impact on e-commerce and business dependent on EU-US data flows and what could be the potential fallout of the Court’s decision in other policy areas? 


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