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Towards data-based and AI-enabled enforcement

Wednesday, 16 June 2021


Alexandre de Streel
Professor, University of Namur & Centre on regulation in Europe (CERRE)
Thibault Schrepel
Assistant Professor, Utrecht University Law School
Thomas Fish
Assistant Director, Competition and Markets Authority


Andreas Aktoudianakis
Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre

The roundtable will reflect on the prospects and challenges of using AI and data technologies to monitor markets and enforce legal regimes. This includes questions about how to incorporate insights from data science and move towards more experimental modes of enforcement.


A background note shall be presented by Alexandre de Streel, Professor at the University of Namur & Centre on regulation in Europe (CERRE), and Inge Graef, Associate Professor at Tilburg University. Thibaut Schrepel, Assistant Professor, Utrecht University Law School, will give a presentation of the computational antitrust project. Thomas Fish, Assistant Director at Digital Markets Unit, Competition and Markets Authority, will discuss cooperation between competition enforcement authorities and data protection authorities. You can find the programme for the event here.
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