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Green & Digital Transition / DISCUSSION PAPER
Improving biodiversity: How can digitalisation help?
By Annika Hedberg , Stefan Sipka - 02/11/2020
Green & Digital Transition / BOOK
The circular economy: Going digital
By Annika Hedberg , Stefan Sipka - 17/03/2020


Digitalisation / COMMENTARY
Toward a circular economy: The role of digitalization
Annika Hedberg and Stefan Sipka wrote a commentary entitled "Toward a circular economy: The role of digitalization" published in the One Earth monthly journal from Cell Press. The authors argued that although not actively recognized, the ongoing digital transformation can serve as an enabler and even as a catalyst for creating a circular economy. 

You can read the commentary here.

Toward a circular economy: The role of digitalization
18 June 2021 - ,
One Earth - Cell Press
Circular economy & smarter use of resources / INTERVIEW
Should all products have five-year guarantees?
Stefan Spika was interviewed by Debating Europe about the EU law that enforces a mandatory product guarantees to increase product lifespans and to be more environmentally friendly. Find the interview here.

12 May 2020 - ,

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