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COVID-19: A threat to liberal democracy in the EU?

Tuesday 14 April 2020  11:30 - 12:30


Didier Reynders
European Commissioner for Justice,European Commission


Corina Stratulat
Senior Policy Analyst and Head of the EPC European Politics and Institutions Programme

The spread of COVID-19 has prompted many member states to adopt far-reaching measures. Apart from the measures introduced to protect the economy and individuals, nearly all EU capitals have imposed controversial restrictions on people’s fundamental rights. These range from measures to contain the spread of the virus, such as confinement, curfews and limitations to freedom of assembly, all the way to heavily-criticised democratic constraints, including on the organisation of elections in Poland and the functioning of institutions in Hungary. Such measures raise questions about the extent to which liberal democracy can withstand such pressures, and the longer term implications of the current situation for democracy in the EU. The impact and implications of COVID-19 on liberal democracy will be discussed with Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice in an online interactive conversation with Corina Stratulat, Senior Policy Analyst and Head of the EPC European Politics and Institutions Programme.

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