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Guns and glory: Criminality, imprisonment and jihadist extremism in Europe
24 September 2019

The evolving relationship between terrorism and crime poses a significant challenge to Europe, with the two spheres increasingly overlapping and reinforcing each other. Criminals have been particularly attractive candidates for jihadist recruitment by the so-called Islamic State, as they have important skill sets and useful broader criminal connections which can be used to facilitate terrorist attacks.

Innovation and technological disruption - What does the future hold for the transport and logistics workforce?
12 September 2019

Transport and logistics are of strategic importance to the European economy as they are embedded in every single industrial sector.

Finding new ways to deliver social protection: A step forward or backward? - Workshop meeting
27 June 2019

As part of our “Future of Work: Towards a progressive agenda for all” project, the EPC strives to reverse the negative narrative associated with the future of work, and to focus on how current and future labour market transformations can lay the foundation for a new social protection system.

Ensuring equal access to digital skills for young people – Learning from the grassroots level
20 June 2019

This Policy Dialogue aimed to shed light on grassroots initiatives that better prepare young people for the jobs of tomorrow and develop innovative ways of disseminating knowhow.

Urban terrorism and jihadist radicalisation - Transatlantic responses
18 June 2019

This Policy Dialogue, organised in cooperation with the U.S. Mission to the European Union, looked at the measures taken by big cities in the EU and the US to prevent terrorism and jihadist radicalisation and how effective they have been.