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Disruptive Technologies Series - Beyond the hype: Blockchain
8 May 2019

The fourth instalment in our Disruptive Technologies Series, in partnership with Dell, explored the current uses of blockchain technology, its limits and challenges, its evolution and the possibilities to reduce its energy consumption.

Restricting microplastics in Europe – How far and how fast?
3 May 2019

Together with Fondazione Cariplo, this Policy Dialogue gathered legislative and research experts and industry practitioners to assess the state of the microplastics challenge in the EU, with a focus on the European Chemicals Agency’s new proposal.

Disruptive Technologies Series - Beyond the hype: Connected objects and the Internet of things
10 April 2019

The third session in our Disruptive Technologies Series, in partnership with Dell, envisions IoT societies of the future, safe and trustworthy connected devices, and EU’s competitive edge in these emerging technologies.

China’s ban on waste imports – Where is Europe one year after?
22 March 2019

Organised in cooperation with Fondazione Cariplo, this EPC Policy Dialogue explored the recent Chinese ban’s implications for Europe, including that of waste management in the EU, recycling and the transition to a circular economy.

The fight against terrorism three years after the Brussels attacks
20 March 2019

The EPC and EFD’s thid annual conference brought together high-level decision-makers, frontline practitioners and civil society organisations to examine the measures adopted to strengthen the resilience against the threat of radicalisation and terrorism.