Reports 2019

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Urban terrorism and jihadist radicalisation - Transatlantic responses
18 June 2019

Vaccine hesitancy - Understanding it to regain trust
13 June 2019

Vaccines have become a victim of their own success

The role of propaganda in radicalisation
11 June 2019

How to combat extremist propaganda?

Investing in people’s health through better primary care
21 May 2019

The state of primary care in Europe

Disruptive Technologies Series - Beyond the hype: Blockchain
8 May 2019

Blockchain technology – the good, the bad and the (not so) ugly

Restricting microplastics in Europe – How far and how fast?
3 May 2019

An assembly of questions on and considerations for the current state and future of Europe’s plastic pollution crisis

Disruptive Technologies Series - Beyond the hype: Connected objects and the Internet of things
10 April 2019

IoT paving the way for a hyper-connected, innovative and competitive Europe

New technologies transforming healthcare: What implications for the workforce?
8 April 2019

Implications of new technologies for the healthcare organisation and workforce

China’s ban on waste imports – Where is Europe one year after?
22 March 2019

Serious transitions in Europe’s waste management calls for an open and forward-thinking debate

The fight against terrorism three years after the Brussels attacks
20 March 2019

Navigating through the murky waters of de-radicalisation, counter-terrorism and prevention

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