Kosovo - A game-changer for EU enlargement policy?

19 March 2013

If Kosovo is to progress towards closer integration with the EU, then much will depend on the future of relations between Pristina and Belgrade, heard participants in this Policy Briefing with Edita Tahiri, deputy prime minister of the Republic of Kosovo.

She said Kosovo was in its fifth year of independence, and argued that it had made good progress in terms of state-building and the consolidation of democracy in this relatively short period of time. She said there was a simultaneous process of progressing on the rule of law and human rights, including for minorities, in order to bring Kosovo closer to the EU by adopting European standards.

Tahiri said her administration was working hard to make breakthroughs in the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia, and was involved in a dialogue regarding new relations between the two.

She concluded by saying that it was Kosovo’s responsibility to fulfil European standards such as democracy and the rule of law, and argued that the EU had a responsibility to bring Kosovo closer to Brussels.