Implementation of the Minsk Agreements and implications of the sanctions on Russia - Time for a stock-take

1 December 2015

The European Policy Centre (EPC) organised this Policy Dialogue moderated by Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst at EPC, with a panel of experts and policymakers to consider the obstacles to full implementation of the Minsk Agreements, if and how these obstacles can be removed, and the implications of Russia’s approach towards Syria for the West’s policy vis-à-vis Ukraine.

The Minsk Agreements were signed in September 2014 and February 2015. The West has always viewed the Agreements as key to resolving the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and EU leaders have indicated that sanctions on Russia will not be lifted until they are fully implemented. It is clear that this will not happen by the end of 2015, as there are many elements of the Agreements that have been pushed back to 2016, leading to questions over whether full implementation is likely to happen at any stage at all. Meanwhile, the conflict in Ukraine is far from being resolved, with an upsurge in violence in the Donbas region over the past few weeks.