The future of Iraq - Internal and external challenges

17 November 2017

Iraq has gone through some challenging times. The US-led invasion of 2003 was followed by years of chaos, economic hardship, sectarian violence and finally in 2014 the rise of a new jihadi threat with the so-called Islamic State/Daesh (ISIS). More recently, a referendum organised by the Kurdish Regional Government in the north of the country posed a new threat to the unity and sovereignty of the country. This Policy Dialogue evaluated the current challenges facing Iraq and likely scenarios for the future in a post-ISIS era. Speakers also discussed the role of external players, including Turkey and the EU, which recently launched a new strategy for Iraq, and whether greater cooperation between the EU and Turkey on Iraq could be helpful.

Speakers included: Jawad Al Hindawy, Head of the Mission of the Republic of Iraq to the EU, Faruk Kaymakci, Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Turkey to the EU, Joost Hiltermann, Programme Director, Middle East and North Africa