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EPC Special Collection: Ukraine

24 April 2014

This special collection combines the latest publications written by our experts on the crisis in Ukraine in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Follow the developments, changes in analysis and escalations of political strategy from the European Union and Russia. This Special Collection (found at the end of the page) comprises of the following articles:

Integrating Ukraine and Moldova in EU’s energy security plans | Cristian Ghinea

Ukraine - Trying to build a future beyond the past | Amanda Paul

Ukraine on the edge | Amanda Paul

Ukraine and the EU: turning the Association Agreement into a success storyKataryna Wolczuk

Will Crimea herald a new post-cold war era world? | Rosa Balfour

EU Foreign Policy Summit March 2014 - Analysis | Janis Emmanouilidis

EU Sanctions against Russia - The need for clear goals | Paul Ivan

Russian Belligerence and Europe’s energy security | Annika Ahtonen

Transnistria – where to? | Paul Ivan

Ukraine in deadlock – What next? | Amanda Paul and Vasyl Filipchuk

Helping Moldova stay on the EU course - Proposals for a real 'more for more' approach | Amanda Paul, Victor Chirila and Cristian Ghinea

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