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Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova: a three-way test

2 December 2010
Corina Stratulat (Head of European Politics and Institutions programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

In the Republic of Moldova’s recent elections, the two opposing camps – the communists and the pro-Europeans – again fell short of the threshold needed (61 seats) to overcome the political impasse. In this commentary, EPC Junior Policy Analyst Corina Stratulat argues that the result poses a three-way test for the country, Russia, and the EU. While seeking a solution, the democrats must remain united and the communists should confirm their readiness for constructive dialogue even from the opposition benches. In turn, Russia must demonstrate its declared intention to cooperate with Europe by reviving the Transnistrian talks and pulling its troops out of the region. Finally, the EU should increase its support for the democrats by completing common initiatives and contributing to conflict-resolution in Transnistria.

Parliamentary elections in the Republic of Moldova: a three-way test

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