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8th EU-China Think Tank Roundtable
25 October 2012

The 8th EU-China Think Tank Roundtable, organised in cooperation with the EU-Asia Centre, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the China Institute of International Studies, was held at the EPC offices.

In Focus: the 2012 US Elections - The 13 keys to the White House
4 October 2012

Professor Allan J. Lichtman’s ’13 Keys to the White House’ predict a victory for incumbent Barack Obama in November’s presidential election in the US.

The 13 keys to the White House

Security in the South Caucasus: the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the frontline communities
3 October 2012

After more than two decades a solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh still remains out of reach.

Security in the South Caucasus

Economic integration in Asia and free trade with the EU
25 September 2012

Free trade can provide Europe’s economy with the boost that it needs to emerge from the crisis – and the FTA with South Korea can serve as a model for EU deals with other countries in the region.

Economic integration in Asia

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections – The final countdown
25 September 2012

October’s parliamentary elections in Ukraine will serve as a litmus test of the country’s democracy.

Ukraine's parliamentary elections

Georgia's democratic transformation and the parliamentary elections
19 September 2012

Parliamentary elections due in Georgia on 1 October are a crucial test of the health of the country’s democracy and its Euro-Atlantic integration prospects, heard participants in this Policy Dialogue.

Georgia's democratic transformation

Preparing for the mid-term review of the European External Action Service: priorities, challenges and prospects for EU foreign policy at a time of crisis
6 September 2012

The development of the European External Action Service represents a huge opportunity for the EU to make known its work abroad via its overseas delegations, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.


The Arab Awakening - Mapping the changes in EU and US policies
11 July 2012

This workshop discussed the similarities and differences in the EU and US approaches in the region, and the extent to which their policies are delivering results in the region, and whether they have maintained their promises to the countries in transition.

Indonesia’s rise – Perspectives for Europe and EU-ASEAN relations
5 July 2012

Indonesia has emerged from political chaos and an economic abyss to become the 16th largest economy in the world and one of the planet’s biggest and most vibrant democracies, heard participants in 2012's Stanley Crossick Lecture.

Indonesia's rise

Digital diplomacy for the 21st Century – A transatlantic perspective
26 June 2012

Digital diplomacy can help to close the gap between makers of foreign policy and the general public, heard participants in a Briefing in cooperation with the EEAS and the US Mission to the EU.

Digital diplomacy

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