A five-point plan for the Berlin Declaration
7 March 2007

The EU 50th anniversary celebrations on 24-25 March provide a golden opportunity for its leaders to send a clear message to the public about its achievements to date and its capacity to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. There is, however, a serious danger that this could fail or backfire. As EU leaders prepare to discuss the Berlin Declaration at this week’s summit dinner, this Commentary explains why and sets out five principles which should underpin the exercise.

Balkans in Europe: why, when and how?
5 March 2007

In 2003, EU leaders promised the countries of the Western Balkans that their future lay within the Union. However, several Member States have since succumbed to ‘enlargement fatigue’ and this has fuelled doubts about the EU’s commitment to the process. This Policy Brief by Graham Avery and Judy Batt argues that the Union has a moral and political responsibility to keep its promise, considers the likely timeframe for membership and assesses how to move the process forward.

Power politics - from rhetoric to results on EU energy policy
2 March 2007

Energy policy will rightly be top of the agenda at next week’s EU summit. But there is a real danger that, instead of taking the key decisions needed now on the European Commission’s energy package, the Union’s leaders will simply generate a great deal more hot air. This Commentary makes a number of recommendations for concrete action, and highlights the role a more rational use of energy could play in meeting the Union’s objectives.

The EU and Japan: a partnership in the making
21 February 2007

This Issue Paper by Axel Berkofsky argues that despite increasing cooperation in some areas, including foreign and security policy, much more could be done. It highlights, in particular, the need for Tokyo to address EU concerns about obstacles to market access and regulation.

Rising to the energy challenge: key elements for an effective EU strategy
18 December 2006

For all the talk about EU energy policy over the past year, remarkably little is happening in terms of concrete policy development or action on the ground, argues this Issue Paper by Jørgen Henningsen.

Wishful thinking?
16 December 2006

This analysis explains the lack of fireworks at the Council and the Finnish Presidency’s achievements do not mean that all the EU’s troubles are over: 2006 has undoubtedly been a better year than 2005, but there is still ample room for improvement.

Global trade governance: the WTO at a crossroads
4 December 2006

This Working Paper by Rorden Wilkinson, Raimund Raith, Robert Howse and Kalypso Nicolaidis highlights just how much is at stake in the negotiations.

EU-Turkey relations 43 years on: train crash or temporary derailment?
30 November 2006
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

This Issue Paper by Amanda Akçakoca charts the history of relations between the two sides, assesses the state of play in Turkey’s reform process and warns that domestic issues are likely to distract the government from membership negotiations over the coming year, whatever the outcome of the current crisis.

'Old' Europe, new Europe? Demography, labour markets and social policies
15 November 2006

The rapid ageing of Europe’s population poses significant challenges, but is not just a threat. It also provides opportunities to develop a more inclusive labour market and build a more equal, knowledge-based society, argues this Policy Brief by Katerina Rüdiger.

Great expectations - Post-Summit Analysis
24 October 2006

This analysis explains, it was a disappointment when judged on the basis of the progress which could - and should - have been made, particularly in addressing the urgent issue of what needs to be done to foster innovation in Europe.

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