FutureLab Europe

Bring Back the Citizens! How to revive democratic participation for a citizens-led Europe
22 April 2016

FutureLab Europe’s fifth generation’s call for concrete measures to bridge the gap between citizens and decision-makers.

2015: a year in elections – old trends and new challenges. A fresh look by young Europeans
22 January 2016

2015 had been hailed by many observers as the year during which voters would finally decide if the EU would survive. FutureLab Europe participants analysed European elections during 2015 highlighting old trends and new challenges.

Europe must act! The refugee crisis in the eyes of young people
12 October 2015

FutureLab Europe participants weigh in on the refugee crisis debate

Creating a Common European Future: Integration of Young Migrants in Europe
13 April 2015

A report investigating the practices of the European Integration Fund in four Member States by FutureLab Europe

Missing a generation in EU politics
7 April 2014

Youth in EU politics?

Europe’s lost generation
25 April 2013

Europe’s youth has been hit hard by the economic crisis. This collection of reports from across Europe points to the need for immediate and profound reform in order to overcome the challenges facing Europe’s youth.

One passport, one people?
26 March 2012

FutureLab Europe participants investigate the role of democratic citizenship in building a new Europe

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