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The Stars and the Sun: Advancing EU-Japan cooperation in an evolving global environment

This research and networking project runs from October 2015 to March 2016.

The project aims at providing a timely and objective review of the state of play, current challenges and future prospects of bilateral cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Japan in a variety of policy areas, notably in the economic and external relations domains, also in the light of transforming regional and global challenges.

The project involved the organisation of a closed-door EU-Japan Expert Roundtable and a public EU-Japan Policy Dialogue, as well as the production of a series of restricted and public reports and publications. The Roundtable and Policy Dialogue were held in Brussels in mid-January 2016.

Dissemination activities and shorter publications, notably in the form of op-eds, are also planned in the context of the project, and will take place between January and March 2016.

On 12 February, an op-ed on ‘Japan is back: Is Europe ready?’ was published on EUobserver.

On 3 March, a Policy Brief on ‘Advancing the EU-Japan strategic partnership in a transforming global environment: challenges, opportunities and prospects’ was issued.

The ‘Stars and the Sun’ project is kindly supported by the Mission of Japan to the EU and the Toshiba International Foundation.

This project is led by Andrea Frontini, Policy Analyst, and is supported by Francesca Fabbri, Programme Assistant.


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