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The Challenges of jihadist radicalisation

A research and event project developed by the EPC in partnership with European Foundation for Democracy (EFD: The project aims to promote a series of multi-stakeholder debates here in Brussels, looking at the various dimensions of jihadist radicalisation, and the role of the EU to tackle such emerging and alarming phenomenon, and it will produce a multi-authored, final publication which will be presented in a public event in Brussels by December this year.

Consequently, the project involves the organisation of a series of Policy Dialogues that are taking place once a month at the EPC premises. On the occasion of these events, policy makers, analysts, academics and operators active in the field of de-radicalisation will address a wide range of issues, spacing from the very definition of the jihadist phenomenon to its policy implications and geostrategic aspects, from the identification of recruiting techniques to the presentation of national experiences and best practices in countering radicalisation. The final publication will gather targeted contributions on these matters by the experts involved and will also provide relevant, multi-dimensional, policy recommendations for the EU to address jihadist radicalisation.

The project began in February 2016 and is led by Amanda Paul, Senior Policy Analyst.

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