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Ukraine Forum

Ukraine is by far the largest and most important member in the area of the EU’s Eastern Partnership, the eastern dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). However, the country has to deal with important security, political, institutional, economic and financial challenges. The conflict with Russia has further exacerbated the security and economic challenges faced by Kyiv.

Clearly Ukraine does not exist in a vacuum. With the country a direct EU neighbour, bordering four member states what happens in Ukraine impacts the EU. Energy interdependence has been the best example of this as the EU has suffered – including gas cut-offs – as a consequence of quarrels between Kyiv and the Kremlin. Hence Ukraine presents a crucial challenge for the EU, as well as an opportunity to prove its ability to foster comprehensive and irreversible reforms and protect its goals and interests in its neighbourhood. For Ukraine, partnership with the EU through the Association Agreement (AA) is viewed as a crucial tool to transform the country. The EU’s support and that of the West more broadly, to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, stability and transformation has made a difference but the results remain fragile and the country must remain high on West’s agenda as failure in Ukraine would have negative ramifications across the region. The continuing Ukrainian reforms and the returning – albeit slowly - economic growth, demonstrate the positive impact of Western support to Ukraine.

The Ukraine Forum aims to be a leading Brussels platform for debate and discussion about Ukraine and EU-Ukraine relations. The Forum offer EPC members and other EU and international stakeholders a unique space to understand developments in the country and beyond. The Forum will focus on analysis and discussion on foreign, security, economic and domestic policy developments in Ukraine. The EPC's work on Ukraine aims to make an important contribution to the international policy debate on Ukraine going forwards. The main outputs of the Ukraine Forum will be publications and events – public policy dialogues and smaller expert workshops and roundtables.

The Ukraine Forum is managed by EPC Senior Policy Analysts, Amanda Paul and Paul Ivan. For further information about the Forum and opportunities to support the Forum’s work please do contact us.

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