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European Citizens’ Consultations Civil Society Network

The European Policy Centre is working with the Democratic Society to build a network of civil society organisations working on or interested in the European Citizens’ Consultations, at national or European level.

Following the official launch of the European Citizens’ Consultations in April, the network intends to be constructively critical of the ECC’s process as it is designed and run, with the aim of making it as open, representative and democratic as we can.


By bringing together Civil Society Organisations which are either engaged or interested in ECCs, the aims of the network are to:

  • MONITOR: Establish a good flow of information about what is happening on the ground and a frank and open exchange about risks and opportunities.
  • COMMUNICATE: Publicise across Europe the work of CSOs on the ECCs and the views that citizens express.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Keep the ideas and thinking that emerge in the course of the consultations alive across the European elections and the new European Commission, to ensure that the results and the relationships created by the process are not lost.
  • RESEARCH: Learn from and reflect on the process, drawing out the lessons for citizen participation and engagement.
  • CHANGE: Work towards ensuring that the process makes a positive long-term impact on open government and democracy at European and national level.

We are looking for

The network is looking for national link organisations that can:

  • REPORT: Report on European citizens consultation events or digital consultations happening in their country.
  • RELAY: Share information about activities with the network and opportunities for CSOs to engage in the ECC process and support participation.
  • ENGAGE: Attend an initial meeting in July/August 2018; follow-up meetings until March 2019 (remotely or in-person) and a final meeting on the next steps in April 2019.
  • LIAISE: Liaise with the relevant government representatives in their country to understand what is going on and develop a strong civil society and government relationship where this is possible. The European Policy Centre are leading the research working group and will be coordinating the wider research plans.

Call for expression of interest

To apply to be a National Link Organisation, please click here.

For more information about the network, please click here.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Paul Butcher or Kelly McBride.

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