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The economics of water matter - From theory to practice - Task Force meeting

29 October 2014

The EPC’s Blue Gold Taskforce workshop, kindly supported by Suez Environnement, on the economics of water matter comprised of two parts: financing better management of water and innovation as a trigger for growth and competitiveness. The morning discussion looked closely at economic instruments, including pricing water services, lessons learned, the advantages and disadvantages with such instruments and the role of the EU in promoting their use. This fed into the afternoon discussion around water-related innovations, how they can provide a trigger for growth, competitiveness and well-being, and what must be done to realise the benefits of improved water management. Special attention was given to discussing the benefits and challenges with re-use and recycling of water, including good practice, challenges and prospects for the EU. Climate change, urbanization and population growth will drive the expansion of the global water sector, promising massive growth opportunities for those who harness the solutions to the water scarcity and water quality challenges.

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