UN Declaration of Human Rights at 60: what role for EU foreign policy?
8 December 2008
Rosa Balfour (Senior Adviser to EPC on Europe in the World)

On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights, this Policy Brief by Rosa Balfour considers whether the EU’s portrayal of itself as a “unique” champion of human rights is justified.

Asia to the rescue? Prospects and trade-offs
28 November 2008

This Commentary by Shada Islam underlines that Asian support for global rescue packages will come with strings attached, requiring a strategic rethink of Asia’s global role and the implications for EU policy.

Between EU and US: reassessing security and peace-building
29 October 2008

This Commentary by Antonio Missiroli argues that Javier Solana’s Report to the December EU Summit on the European Security Strategy (ESS) could help significantly to reconfigure EU-US relations in the post-Bush era as well as fostering greater coherence, coordination, and capabilities in EU policy-making.

The guns of August
4 September 2008

The extraordinary European Council held this week to discuss relations with Russia and the conflict in Georgia surprised many by ending in consensus of all 27 Member States, with conclusions that combined political principles with clear operational steps. However, argues this commentary by Antonio Missiroli, it is unclear whether such unity can hold, especially if the conditions of the ceasefire are not met, and, in any case, the situation will have long-term consequences for the EU’s internal and external policies.

Shoring up the EU's Mediterranean policy: where next?
3 July 2008
Rosa Balfour (Senior Adviser to EPC on Europe in the World)

In this Commentary by Rosa Balfour points out, after much rhetoric, spin, and debate, the UfM bubble has burst to reveal much more limited ambitions, and many issues and open questions remain.

Revisiting the European Security Strategy - beyond 2008
23 April 2008

This Policy Brief by Antonio Missiroli argues that the text has stood the test of time remarkably well, but some minor adjustments may be needed and some new elements added to ensure better implementation.

Building democracy and fighting extremism in Pakistan: a role for the EU
1 April 2008

This Policy Brief by Shada Islam argues that while bringing Pakistan back from the brink will be difficult, the EU and Member State governments must engage rapidly with the country's new leaders and hammer out a fresh, long-term strategy for a stronger, more pro-active and multi-faceted role in Pakistan.

Asian Voices in Europe
31 March 2008

Over the past year, the EPC and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation have continued their ‘Asian Voices in Europe’, lecture series on economic, political and security developments in Asia and on EU-Asia relations.

Seeking a new international approach on Afghanistan and Pakistan
28 March 2008

The appointment of senior Norwegian diplomat Kai Eide as the long-awaited United Nations envoy for Afghanistan provides a unique opportunity to craft a new international strategy for the country, led by political rather than military goals and driven by a regional and comprehensive approach. In this commentary Shada Islam and Daniel Korski also argue in favour of greater international engagement with Pakistan’s new democratically-elected government which has promised to step up efforts to fight religious extremists.

An independence foretold - and a foregone conclusion
4 March 2008

Although Kosovo’s declaration of independence came as no surprise, it is making waves across the region, and potentially beyond, and things may get worse before they get better, warns this Commentary by Antonio Missiroli.

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