The EU Global Strategy: going beyond effective multilateralism?
10 June 2016
Beatrice Berton (Researcher at the Joint Research Centre on Transnational Crime), Sven Biscop (Director of the Europe in the World Programme at the Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations), Alice Ekman (Head of China Research at the French Institute of International Relations and an Associate Analyst at EU Institute for Security Studies), Juliane Schmidt (Former Junior Policy Analyst at the EPC), Joren Selleslaghs (Lecturer and Researcher, Leiden University), Gerald Stang (Senior Associate Analyst at the European Union Institute for Security Studies), Balazs Ujvari (Egmont-EPC Research Fellow) and Luk Van Langenhove (Research Professor at the Institute of European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

A collection of six essays examining the focus of the EU’s multilateral agenda.

EUSpring | Report on democracy assistance from the European Union to the Middle East and North Africa
19 May 2016
Rosa Balfour (Senior Adviser to EPC on Europe in the World), Francesca Fabbri (Former Policy Analyst at the EPC) and Richard Youngs (Senior Associate in the Democracy and Rule of Law Programme, Carnegie Europe)

A detailed look at EU instruments for democracy support in the MENA region

A historic reminder, an ever-present dilemma? - Assessing Brexit’s potential consequences for European security
18 May 2016
Andrea Frontini (Former Policy Analyst at the EPC)

Brexit and European security; a lose-lose situation for the EU and UK?

EPIM Policy Update
15 May 2016
Andreia Ghimis (Former Junior Policy Analyst at the EPC), Yves Pascouau (Senior Adviser to EPC on migration and mobility policies) and Norma Rose (Former Programme Assistant at the EPC)

The EU-Turkey Statement - a new era in EU migration policy?

EU visa-liberalisation for Turks: just around the corner?
3 May 2016
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst) and Demir Murat Seyrek (Senior Policy Advisor, European Foundation for Democracy)

Can the issue of visa-liberalisation put the future of the EU-Turkey deal at risk?

Automatic Fiscal Stabiliser: Make it happen!
2 May 2016
László Andor (Senior Adviser to EPC on employment and the EMU) and Regula Hess (Policy Adviser to a German member of parliament and a co-founder of the grassroots think tank Polis180)

How likely is the future adoption of an automatic fiscal stabiliser for the eurozone?

Vučić’s plebiscite almost slipped on arithmetics
29 April 2016
Matteo Bonomi (Former Programme Assistant at the EPC)

The return of anti-EU forces in the Serbian parliament might spell trouble for the country’s path towards European integration

German macro: how it's different and why that matters
29 April 2016
George Bratsiotis (Senior Lecturer at University of Manchester and co-director of the Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research) and David Cobham (Professor of Economics at Heriot-Watt University)

Ordoliberalism; something unique?  

Measures and rules developed in the EU member states regarding integration of third country nationals - Comparative Report
29 April 2016
Yves Pascouau (Senior Adviser to EPC on migration and mobility policies)

Comparing integration schemes in Europe

Bring Back the Citizens! How to revive democratic participation for a citizens-led Europe
22 April 2016

FutureLab Europe’s fifth generation’s call for concrete measures to bridge the gap between citizens and decision-makers.

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