EUROPE'S TROUBLEMAKERS - The populist challenge to foreign policy
8 March 2016
Rosa Balfour (Senior Adviser to EPC on Europe in the World), Janis A. Emmanouilidis (Director of Studies), Catherine Fieschi (Director, Counterpoint), Heather Grabbe (Director, Open Society European Policy Institute), Christopher Hill (Sir Patrick Sheehy Professor of International Relations, University of Cambridge), Timo Lochocki (Transatlantic Fellow, The German Marshall Fund of the United States), Marie Mendras (Professor, Sciences Po, Paris), Cas Mudde (Associate Professor, University of Georgia), Mari K. Niemi (Senior Researcher, University of Turku), Juliane Schmidt (Former Junior Policy Analyst at the EPC) and Corina Stratulat (Head of European Politics and Institutions programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

The impact of populism on European foreign policy

Advancing the EU-Japan strategic partnership in a transforming global environment: challenges, opportunities and prospects
3 March 2016
Andrea Frontini (Former Policy Analyst at the EPC)

The case for closer ties between the EU and Japan

Green Diplomacy Network – What is in a name?
29 February 2016
Balazs Ujvari (Egmont-EPC Research Fellow)

Can the EU’s climate diplomacy serve as a model?

Europe's refugee/migrant crisis: can 'illiberal' Turkey save 'liberal Europe' while helping Syrian refugees?
19 February 2016
Kemal Kirişci (TUSIAD Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution)

Close cooperation between Turkey and the EU on the refugee crisis could be a win-win for all

Iranian-Saudi tensions: the energy dimension
9 February 2016
David Ramin Jalilvand (Researcher in the Middle East and North Africa Department, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Berlin)

The possible side effects of Iran-Saudi Arabia competition on Europe’s energy market

Nagorno-Karabakh and the arc of crises on Europe's borders
3 February 2016
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst) and Dennis Sammut (Member of the EPC's Strategic Council; Director, LINKS)

The EU should play a more active role in trying to solve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

EUSpring | Women's political participation in Tunisia
21 January 2016
Nihel Ben Amar (Professor at Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs de Tunis; President of Tunisie vote)

Increasing the participation of women in political life in Tunisia

EUSpring | Shall Tunisia Succeed in Becoming a Strong Democratic State?
14 December 2015
Afifa Ayadi (Student at Ecole Supérieur des Sciences et Techniques de la santé de Monastir (ESSTSM)) and Hamadi Redissi (Professor of Political Sciences at University al-Manar of Tunis)

The future of democracy in Tunisia

‘Blue Gold’ - The forgotten rationale for climate action
11 December 2015
Andrea Frontini (Former Policy Analyst at the EPC) and Annika Hedberg (Head of Sustainable Prosperity for Europe programme and Senior Policy Analyst)

Water should be a reason and an area for climate action

End of an energy honeymoon: what’s next for Russia-Turkey energy relations?
7 December 2015
Marco Giuli (Policy Analyst)

The demise of Turkish Stream

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