A harsh reality check for the EU
17 March 2008

This analysis concludes that European Commission President José Manuel Barroso’s claim that the EU had passed a “reality test” is premature. It also highlights the growing role given to the Commission in finding solutions to thorny issues which EU leaders cannot agree on.

Europe, globalisation and the Single Market: lessons and comparisons
11 March 2008
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

This Commentary by Fabian Zuleeg argues that the Single Market provides an example of how economic integration can be made to work for ordinary people and how fears of globalisation can be allayed - if there is visionary leadership leading to economic reform, adequate international governance structures and if the benefits are communicated effectively to the public.

Gain without pain: towards a more rational use of energy
5 March 2008
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

As EU leaders prepare to discuss the European Commission’s climate change package at their 13-14 March Summit, this Working Paper by Marie-Hélène Fandel and Fabian Zuleeg argues that policy-makers risk overlooking an obvious way to make progress in the short term.

An independence foretold - and a foregone conclusion
4 March 2008

Although Kosovo’s declaration of independence came as no surprise, it is making waves across the region, and potentially beyond, and things may get worse before they get better, warns this Commentary by Antonio Missiroli.

Freedom, security and justice: the new Lisbon (Treaty) agenda
29 February 2008

Opinion polls show that Europe’s citizens want crime and immigration-related issues to be top EU priorities, and the Lisbon Treaty provides the tools to meet those expectations. But, as this Policy Brief by Jérôme Bacquias warns, success is by no means guaranteed.

Union for the Mediterranean, disunity for the EU?
13 February 2008
Rosa Balfour (Senior Adviser to EPC on Europe in the World)

This Policy Brief by Rosa Balfour and Dorothée Schmid analyses the proposal in depth, explains why the President’s enthusiasm is not shared by many, and warns that while there is ample scope for improving EU policies towards the South Mediterranean, it is essential to avoid a creeping fragmentation of common policies.

A bigger bang for our euros: how to reform the EU budget
24 January 2008
Fabian Zuleeg (Chief Executive and Chief Economist)

This Policy Brief by Fabian Zuleeg and Sara Hagemann, which outlines five key principles which should guide this review, warns that eastward enlargement, recent economic developments and the need to equip the EU to deal with the challenges which lie ahead make large-scale reform of the budget essential.

Ukraine and the EU after the elections: more of the same?
19 December 2007
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

This Policy Brief by Amanda Akçakoca and Richard Whitman analyses the likely impact of recent developments in both Ukraine and the EU on the relationship, and considers what both sides need to do to forge closer ties.

Move on, Europe - and also back to the future
17 December 2007

This analysis assesses the outcome of the Summit, focusing in particular on the detailed discussions on two key issues - Kosovo’s future and the Reflection Group on ‘Europe 2020-2030’ - and considers the challenges which lie ahead for the Slovenian and French Presidencies in 2008.

Ratifying the Lisbon Treaty: what happens now?
13 December 2007

As EU leaders meet today (13 December) to sign the Lisbon Treaty, attention is turning to the prospects of getting it ratified in all 27 EU Member States by the December 2008 deadline. As part of its ongoing work on the new Treaty, the EPC has updated the table it first published in July 2007 setting out the timetable and ratification requirements in each Member State, and evaluating whether the Treaty is likely to secure the required majority in each case.

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