'Old' Europe, new Europe? Demography, labour markets and social policies
15 November 2006

The rapid ageing of Europe’s population poses significant challenges, but is not just a threat. It also provides opportunities to develop a more inclusive labour market and build a more equal, knowledge-based society, argues this Policy Brief by Katerina Rüdiger.

Great expectations - Post-Summit Analysis
24 October 2006

This analysis explains, it was a disappointment when judged on the basis of the progress which could - and should - have been made, particularly in addressing the urgent issue of what needs to be done to foster innovation in Europe.

Towards a Common European Asylum Policy
17 October 2006

This Issue Paper by Stefano Bertozzi and Ferruccio Pastore assesses the progress made so far in developing a Common European Asylum Policy, highlights the work which still needs to be done, and warns that both effective implementation and political commitment are essential to the process.

Absorption capacity: old wine in new bottles?
25 September 2006

On the eve of the European Commission’s report on whether Bulgaria and Romania are ready to join the EU in January 2007, Guillaume Durand and Antonio Missiroli consider the vexed question of the Union’s capacity to absorb new members.

The EU and ASEM: gesture politics or fruitful dialogue?
8 September 2006

The forthcoming ASEM summit is seen as an important link in the chain of Asia-Europe relations, but what practical benefits does the process have for interregional cooperation? Over the past decade, it has strengthened dialogue between the two sides, but has also been criticised as a ‘talking shop’. This Policy Brief by Jonas Knops argues that if the process is to remain significant, Europeans needs to devote more time and effort to it.

Russia on the eve of the G8 summit
10 July 2006
Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes)

This Policy Brief by Fraser Cameron argues that the EU has a long-term interest in a stable, peaceful, democratic Russia and what it needs, above all, is a united approach: neither blind Russia-bashing, nor supine acquiescence, but a sustained commitment to a relationship which strikes the right balance between rapprochement and distance.

Security sector reform in the Balkans: a key to ending conflict
28 June 2006

Security sector reform is essential in post-conflict countries in the Balkans to achieve sustainable peace, argues Lucia Montanaro-Jankovski in this Policy Brief.

Making Europe work: improving the transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation
27 June 2006

This Working Paper warns that failure to ensure that EU laws are correctly applied and effectively enforced risks further undermining support for the integration process, and makes detailed recommendations to improve the transposition, implementation and enforcement of legislation.

A human security agenda for the EU?
21 June 2006

This Issue Paper by John Kotsopoulos argues that adopting a formal human security agenda would benefit the EU by improving the coordination and focus of its external relations policies.

On the slow road to recovery, destination unknown
19 June 2006

For, as this analysis explains, the discussions on the two issues which dominated the summit - the fate of the Constitutional Treaty and the future of enlargement – left many questions unanswered.

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