The EU and Latin America: the other transatlantic relationship
28 April 2006

This Policy brief by Vanessa Matthews sets out the background to current EU-Latin American relations, argues that the EU now has a “window of opportunity” to deepen its dialogue with the region, and says improved ties could reap rich rewards for both sides.

Energising debate keeps the EU show on the road - Post-Summit Analysis
25 March 2006

As this analysis of the summit explains, significant progress was made in a number of areas, particularly on an "Energy Policy for Europe” and the services directive, and the feared clashes over alleged "economic patriotism" in some EU Member States were averted.

Muslims in Europe: addressing the challenges of radicalisation
24 March 2006

This Working Paper by Mirjam Dittrich charts the growth of ‘Euro-Islam’, considers the factors which contribute to violent radicalisation, warns of the risks associated with failed integration, and argues for concerted action at EU and Member State level to bring Europe’s Muslims ‘in from the cold’ and prevent the feared ‘clash of civilisations’.

Iran's nuclear challenge and European diplomacy
22 March 2006

This Issue Paper by Sara Kutchesfahani argues that diplomacy could still play a role in resolving the crisis. It analyses the background to the current impasse and explains the reasons for Iran’s nuclear brinkmanship. It recommends using both ‘carrots’ and ‘sticks’ to resolve the dispute, keeping the diplomatic channels between Europe and Iran open, working jointly with the US and bringing Russia to the forefront of the process.

EU-Russia energy relations: the need for active engagement
15 March 2006

This Issue Paper by Andrew Monaghan and Lucia Montanaro-Jankovski examines the key dimensions of the EU-Russia energy dialogue. It proposes a three-pronged strategy for the Union: it must improve its energy efficiency, enhance its relations with key transit states; and devote time to building a more effective relationship with Russia.

Emerging from the shadows: the EU's role in conflict resolution in Indonesia
6 March 2006

This EPC Issue Paper by Caroline Bivar explains, a results-oriented and coherent EU policy has emerged in East Timor and Aceh over the last decade, demonstrating that the Union is capable of developing effective responses to situations beyond Europe’s borders.

After the annus horribilis: a review of the EU institutions
12 January 2006

This Working Paper is the product of a series of brainstorming seminars on the key institutions – Commission, Council and Parliament - with high-level practitioners and academics, to examine what works and what needs reform.

The role of Balkan Muslims in building a European Islam
25 November 2005

This Issue Paper, by Xavier Bougarel, examines the history and nature of the Muslim communities in the Balkans, and assesses the relationship between Balkan Islam and the Muslim world and the place the former occupies in the emerging pan-European Islamic public space. 

Shocks without frontiers
16 November 2005

This Issue Paper explores what the European Union could or should do in this area, in addition to action by individual Member States.

Communicating Europe to the world: what public diplomacy for the EU?
15 November 2005

In this Working Paper, Dov Lynch analyses the roots of the problem and suggests some first steps towards an effective European Union public diplomacy strategy.

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