The EU and international organisations - partners in crisis management
25 October 2005
Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes)

The European Security Strategy states that the European Union stands for "effective multilateralism", defined as "the development of a stronger international society, well-functioning international institutions and a rule-based international order". To promote effective multilateralism and ensure conflict prevention and crisis management remain a priority, the EU must seek to strengthen both its own role in the major international institutions as well as the institutions themselves. This is the key message from an Issue Paper on the EU and international organisations: partners in crisis management.

Good cops, bad mobs? EU policies to fight trans-national organised crime in the Western Balkans
11 October 2005

This Issue Paper by Lucia Montanaro-Jankovski examines all the different facets of this problem, assesses the EU's response, and advocates a more comprehensive and coherent approach.

Financing Europe - the budget conundrum
29 September 2005

This Issue Paper explains the background to the current round of talks, highlights the weaknesses and contradictions of the main actors involved, and warns of the pernicious consequences this could have for the Union as a whole.

The Nordic model: a recipe for European success?
13 September 2005

This Working Paper examines the reasons for the success of the Nordic countries in a competitive global economy.

Revamping Development Efforts: An assessment of development policy in the EU
9 September 2005

In this Issue Paper, renowned experts and practioners address the key issues ahead of the review of the Millennium Goals that will take place in New York later this month, as part of a collective effort to raise awareness and maintain pressure on the EU not only to keep up its efforts, but also to lead the way with a more proactive and coherent approach towards achieving results.

Governance - made in Africa
5 August 2005

This issue paper examines the EU’s contribution to Africa and urges it to play a greater role in supporting regional integration, development and good governance.

Russian foreign policy with special reference to its western neighbours
15 July 2005
Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes)

This Issue Paper by Fraser Cameron and Jarek Domanski examines trends in Russian foreign policy, with a special focus on Russia's approach to countries in its neighbourhood.

EU-China relations - towards a strategic partnership
14 July 2005
Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes)

This Working Paper, written by Stanley Crossick, Fraser Cameron, Axel Berkofsky, argues that, above all, the new relationship must include an ongoing strategic dialogue and involve, in addition to government, think tanks and academia, business and civil society.

EU-India Relations
10 June 2005
Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes)

This Issue Paper reflects on the state of EU-India relations following an EU-India Journalists' conference. It also features a broad overview of EU-India relations in the past, with a focus on politics, trade, social and cultural ties.

Lifelong Learning in the European Union: whither the Lisbon Strategy?
2 June 2005

In this Issue Paper, Hywel Ceri Jones, examines why the lifelong learning principle emerged in the Lisbon Agenda.

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