Promoting Political and Economic Reform in the Mediterranean and Middle East
18 May 2005
Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes) and Eberhard Rhein (Senior Adviser to EPC on neighbourhood policy)

In this Issue Paper, Fraser Cameron and Eberhard Rhein assess the achievements of the Barcelona Process and examine the proposals made for the wider region as part of the European Neighbourhood Policy. 

Cyprus - Looking to a Future Beyond the Past
13 May 2005
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

One year after the rejection of the United Nations' Peace Plan for Cyprus, commonly known as the Annan Plan, Amanda Akçakoca, examines the prospects for renewed talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots to reunify the island and end the division that has lasted for more than 30 years.

ASEAN Foreign Direct Investment Trends - Implications for EU-ASEAN Relations
10 May 2005

In this paper, Megha Mukim, reviews the growing importance of investment flows to ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) countries with the objective of analysing the region’s relationship with the European Union.

Ratify the Constitution - Strengthen EU Democracy
27 April 2005
Giovanni Grevi (Head of Europe in the World programme and Senior Fellow)

This Issue Paper examines the underlying malaise displayed by sections of public opinion towards the European Union in some current Constitutional Treaty referendum campaigns

Beyond the Common Basic Principles on Integration - The next steps (revised)
20 April 2005

This Issue Paper reflects on the Common Basic Principles for Integration adopted by the Council and makes the case for the development of a joint inter-institutional declaration by the EU institutions. It calls for a much greater involvement of civic society, not least migrant-led organisations in turning these Principles into functional policy.

Towards an EU Foreign Service
15 April 2005

One of the most interesting innovations in the new Constitutional Treaty is the provision for an EU Foreign Minister, supported by an EU External Action Service. This is a cumbersome name and is likely to be shortened to EU Foreign Service. But how will this new Service work? Where will it be located and what role should it play? What will be the implications for the institutions and the national diplomatic services of Member States? These and other questions are addressed in this Issue Paper by Giovanni Grevi and Fraser Cameron.

Denial of Citizenship - A Challenge to Human Security
6 April 2005

This Issue Paper presents the findings of an Expert Meeting on the denial of citizenship, which was highlighted in the Human Security (Ogata) Report, presented to the United Nations.

An Agenda for Sustainable Growth in Europe
18 March 2005

This Working Paper argues that economic growth is not an end in itself. Rather, economic growth is there to serve a greater ambition: the creation and maintenance of a vibrant, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable European society.

Recovery or Recession? The Japanese Economy in 2005 and EU-Japan Economic and Business Relations
11 March 2005

In a special Issue Paper, Axel Berkofsky reviews the current state of the Japanese economy and the prospects for a return to sustainable economic growth in 2005 including an end to deflation

Enhancing the role of science in the decision-making of the European Union
1 March 2005

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