A Good Quality Finance Rule
6 February 2004

One the eve of the crucial Lisbon Agenda review at the EU Spring Council meeting, Pier Carlo Padoan and Maria João Rodrigues, argue that the Stability and Growth Pact and the Lisbon reform strategy need to take greater account of each other, because the relationship between fiscal discipline and growth is so important.

Migration and Development: Myths and Facts
21 January 2004

In this introductory paper to the linkage between migration and development that served as a basis for discussions at the EPC-KBF Migration Dialogue: "Migration and Development - Myths and Facts," the International Organisation for Migration provides a clear overview of the issues involved, while Johan Wets presents a critical reflection on the nexus between the two, focussing on effects of 'brain drain' and cultural shifts in the home country.

Population and Votes in the Council of Ministers: Squaring the Circle
15 January 2004
Giovanni Grevi (Head of Europe in the World programme and Senior Fellow)

Since the failure of the December Brussels Summit to agree on the shape of Europe's new Constitution, voting systems in the Council of Ministers have become a renewed area of debate. Dan S. Felsenthal and Moshé Machover decipher the mathematics behind the arguments.

What perspectives for Islam and Muslims in Europe?
8 December 2003

In this Issue Paper, Mirjam Dittrich sets out the historical backdrop and current context necessary to engage in an inclusive debate on the challenges facing multicultural societies in Europe.

Open Skies and Deregulation: The coming revolution
27 November 2003

With the EU Commission now investigating the effect of state aid on airline competition and deregulation with respect to the Ryanair case and the advantages awarded to it to fly to Charleroi airport south of Brussels, David Buchan, examines the case for open skies in an Issue Paper.

The European Union and Global Governance
18 November 2003
Fraser Cameron (Senior Adviser to EPC on international programmes)

In his Working Paper, Fraser Cameron, argues that the EU must do more to ensure "effective mulitlateralism."

Turkey vs EU Ambition: Implementation of Reforms and Cyprus are the Answer
7 November 2003
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

Amanda Akçakoca comments on the enormous achievements made by Ankara over the past 12 months, and looks at the remaining difficulties as well as the controversial issue of Cyprus.

Negotiating the Liberalization of Migration: Is GATS a Vehicle or a Model for Global Migration Governance?
28 October 2003

In this second joint EPC-KBF Migration Dialogue Issue Paper, Jan Niessen argues that the General Agreement on Trade in Services might provide a useful model on which to structure an international migration management mechanisms.

Integration and Enlargement
21 October 2003
Giovanni Grevi (Head of Europe in the World programme and Senior Fellow)

Notre Europe and the EPC have joined forces in this Working Paper to map out opportunities and constraints on the path from the constitutional Convention towards further political integration, and outline a project for a larger Europe.

The Intergovernmental Conference and Business
14 October 2003

In this Issue Paper, Stanley Crossick and Lorenzo Allio highlight areas of concern to business, and explain why business should not ignore the Intergovernmental Conference that opened on 4 October in Rome.

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