The European social model - A driving force for growth and well-being?
19 May 2011

Well-being is an essential element of the European Social Model (ESM) and should be at the heart of EU social investment with sound political and financial backing, agreed speakers at the final conference of the 'Well-being 2030' project.

Shared society and inclusiveness: key drivers for well-being by 2020 and beyond
29 March 2011

One in six people in Europe are in poverty, which affects their rights and ability to realise their full potential and is costly to society, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held in the context of the Well-being 2030 project and jointly organised with Club de Madrid.

What future for temporary and circular migration in Europe?
2 March 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held to launch an EPC Working Paper on temporary and circular migration, discussed whether more temporary and "circular" migrants in Europe could be part of the solution for filling labour market gaps.

Europe's pension crisis - finding a solution
25 February 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held in the context of the Well-being 2030 project and organised with the kind support of Swiss Re, were agreed that adequacy and sustainability are the key challenges for European pensions.

Tackling the inequality in health: a prerequisite for a sustainable Social Europe 2030
23 September 2010

Health inequities are socially, not genetically produced, and making improvements in living and working conditions improves the overall health of the population. Conversely, failure to take action can lead to a waste in human capital, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, in the context of the Well-being 2030 project.

Public value and productivity in public services for sustainable well-being in Europe - Forum meeting
29 June 2010

This forum meeting investigated why and how Europe should give more attention to public services, even at a time of deterioration of public finances.

Europe 2020 and inclusive growth: beyond 100 days
11 June 2010

The economic and financial crisis has hit society hard, coupled with huge rises in employment, the squeeze on public finances, the need to reskill Europe’s workers and the demographic deficit, said László Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at a Policy Briefing.

The Gonzalez Report - An inclusive and prosperous future for EU citizens?
10 May 2010

A policy dialogue discussed the González Report, calling for the need to strengthen EU security and create an economic union between the Member States.

Facing the employment crisis in Europe: do we have the right tools?
8 February 2010

At a policy briefing, panellists discussed measures to fight the unemployment crisis which would result in long-term solutions and hopefully leave minimal negative effects.

Beyond GDP: what do citizens want for Social Europe 2030?
9 December 2009

Citizens’ perceptions about their quality of life, which includes both individual and societal elements, is becoming the lodestone for social progress, replacing GPD growth, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, organised as part of the Well-being 2030 project, co-financed by the European Commission.

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