Making Europe work

The European Policy Centre is committed to making European integration work, by fostering debate and dialogue on the key issues facing the EU and producing practical recommendations for action to improve the way the Union operates and enhance the effectiveness of its policies.

Its work is organised under five flagship programmes designed to reflect these aims, ensure a coherent approach and give it the flexibility required to respond to fast-moving developments on the European and global stage.

The five programmes, addressing the key issues and challenges facing the EU, are:

  • European Politics and Institutions;
  • European Migration and Diversity;
  • Europe in the World;
  • Sustainable Prosperity for Europe;
  • Social Europe & Well-Being.

Each programme focuses on a number of core themes, with fora, task forces and projects set up to explore issues of particular importance. The fora provide a platform for discussion on topics that require ongoing debate, while task forces and projects (which have clearly defined timelines and aim to deliver specific outputs) change over time to reflect developments in the external political and economic environment.

The EPC's multi-constituency approach, involving its members from all the stakeholder groups in its debates and in shaping its policy recommendations, ensures a broad foundation for the programmes and a solid link to the "real world" of EU politics.

For details of each programme, please click on the link below:

European Politics and Institutions

This programme focuses on the EU's institutional framework; the prospects for, and consequences of, further deepening and future rounds of enlargement; and broader citizenship issues.

European Migration and Diversity

This programme focuses on debates surrounding Europe’s migration and asylum policies and considers the integration challenges raised by our increasingly diverse societies.

Europe in the World

This programme focuses on the EU's growing role in international affairs and the broader challenges it faces, addressing issues ranging from security, justice, human rights and global governance to the EU's relations with countries in its neighbourhood and with Asia.

Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

This Programme monitors and analyses developments within Europe’s economy, and engages in discussion on how to achieve growth that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Social Europe & Well-Being

This Programme looks into how to build a Europe of the future where social and economic considerations are part of the same strategy, where citizens’ well-being is protected and not jeopardised, and where the functioning of the welfare state is future-fit.