Creating a Common European Future: Integration of Young Migrants in Europe

13 April 2015

Are EU Member States facing similar challenges when it comes to the integration of third country nationals? What can the EU do to improve the integration of migrants in its societies? Is the European Integration Fund (EIF) a good instrument to promote integration in EU Member States?

FutureLab Europe investigated the practice of the European Integration Fund (EIF), surveying migrants who benefited from EIF-funded programmes and interviewing NGOs whose budget is financed by the EIF. The FutureLab Europe 2015 publication assesses the integration of migrants in the EU by investigating the practice of the EIF in four EU member states: Finland, Germany, Romania, and Spain, virtually covering Northern, Continental, Eastern and Southern Europe. The study was the result of a qualitative research based on the findings that emerged from 10 interviews with NGOs based in the case study countries and co-financed by the EIF, and a questionnaire filled out by 125 migrants who took part in EIF-funded programmes. The aforementioned methodology was chosen to create a bridge between the people on the ground and EU policy makers, giving a voice to the people directly involved in EU-funded programmes as well as to the migrants themselves.

Authors:  Jorge Fernandez Gomez, Fiona Fritz, Sandra Kuna, Rina Kuusipalo, Carolina Seminario Herrera, Nitin Sood, Michelle Steenvoorden and the FutureLab Europe fourth generation, under the editorial and analytical guidance of Claire Dhéret, FutureLab Europe Programme Leader and Tania Marocchi, FutureLab Europe Programme Assistant.

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