Mainstreaming innovation funding in the EU budget

2 May 2019

This study for the European Parliament provides a comprehensive assessment of how the EU budget supports innovation in the current programming period and analyses the approach to innovation financing in the Commission´s MFF 2021-2027 proposals. The findings provide the basis on which to draw recommendations to maximize the use of EU innovation funding in the coming MFF. In particular, the study:

  • Proposes a conceptual framework to identify amounts of EU budget in support of innovation.
  • Estimates the aggregate volume of funding directly and indirectly intended to support innovation in the 2014-2020 MFF.
  • Explores existing synergies between different EU sources of innovation funding, and how these contribute to the attainment of the Horizon 2020 seven societal challenges.
  • Assesses the functioning of various EU-sponsored partnerships for innovation.
  • Analyses the role played by EU financial instruments and budgetary guarantees in support to innovation.
  • Analyses the approach to innovation financing in the Commission´s MFF 2021-2027 proposals.

Authors: Dr. Eulalia Rubio, Jacques Delors Institute ; Dr Fabian Zuleeg, European Policy Centre ; Emilie Magdalinski, Jacques Delors Institute ; Thomas Pellerin-Carlin, Jacques Delors Institute; Marta Pilati, European Policy Centre; Philipp Ständer, Jacques Delors Institut-Berlin

This study was originally published on the European Parliament’s website. Reproduction and translation for non-commercial purposes are authorised, provided the source is acknowledged and the publisher is given prior notice and sent a copy.

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