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Hans Martens
Hans Martens
Senior Adviser to EPC on energy, public service reform and CHES

Hans Martens has been Chief Executive of the European Policy Centre from 2002 until 30 September 2013.

Born in Denmark, Hans studied Political Science at Aarhus University and went on to become Associate Professor in international political and economic relations.

In 1979, he joined the Danish Savings Bank Association as Editor-in-Chief and Head of Information. From 1982 to 1985, he was Head of the International Department of the Salaried Employees Federation, a Danish trade union, where he took charge of the organisation’s international relations, including with the OECD and the ILO. In 1985, he joined the Copenhagen Handelsbank, initially in charge of the Economic Department and later as Head of the International Private Banking Department. There, he was responsible for economic analysis and forecasting, and for developing the bank’s investment and capital market products. In 1989 he set up Martens International Consulting.

Hans is a regular lecturer at Universities and Business Schools in Europe and in the US. He is an expert on European competitiveness issues, monetary and macroeconomic issues, demographics and the Digital Economy, including eGovernment.


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The EU Transparency Register: on the right path, but not quite there yet
15 December 2016

The Transparency Register is only one side of the transparency coin 

Europe cannot afford people in bad health - Economics of health and care as a guide for investments
4 July 2016

How to keep Europe’s health systems sustainable?

EU member states and enlargement towards the Balkans
22 July 2015

Has EU enlargement to the Balkans become 'nationalised'? 

Newsletter - Hans Martens
24 September 2013

This special edition of the EPC Newsletter pays tribute to Hans Martens.

Think Global - Act European
3 May 2013

The “Think Global – Act European” project brought together 16 think tanks and over 40 experts to examine the new challenges faced by the EU’s external action and reflec­t on the EU’s role as a global power.

Can Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) lever investment to get Europe out of economic crisis?
7 November 2012

To overcome Europe's deep economic crisis, investment is crucial. But with public finances under severe strain and a limited EU budget, private-sector investment will have to be a key driving force. This report produced by the European Policy Centre – with input from the European Investment Bank and other stakeholders – focuses on analysing stakeholders’ perceptions of the role that Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and the just-launched Project Bonds Initiative (PBI) could play in responding to Europe’s current challenges.

It's now or never for European growth
28 June 2012

Economic growth is the best and most efficient way to reduce public debt and the deficit burden that are currently weighing Europe down: austerity without growth is not working, writes Hans Martens ahead of this week’s EU summit, urging leaders to spend as much time focusing on growth as on fiscal discipline.

The Digital Single Market 2.0
27 February 2012

In this contribution to the European High-Level Conference ‘A Single Digital Market by 2015 – A driver for economic growth and jobs’, Hans Martens and Fabian Zuleeg argue that creating a truly integrated Digital Single Market should be a priority for the EU.

Stronger after the crisis - Strategic choices for Europe's way ahead
16 June 2011

In this EPC Strategy Paper, the authors argue that Europe needs new momentum and that the EU and its members should concentrate their efforts on concrete, ambitious, yet realistic, strategic projects.

Growth, well-being and social policy in Europe: trade-off or synergy?
19 May 2011

This 22nd issue of Challenge Europe investigates how social policy can effectively contribute to deliver European citizens’ well-being and long-term sustainable growth.

Austerity loves company?
29 September 2010

Issued as the ECOFIN Council meets to discuss economic governance proposals and the public finance crisis, this Policy Brief by Fabian Zuleeg and Hans Martens recalls that EU coordination of economic policies played a role in the response to the financial, economic and euro crises, reflecting Europe's economic interdependence.

A Schuman Declaration for the 21st Century
6 May 2010

On the 60th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration (9 May 1950), which set Europe on the path to European economic and political integration, the EPC has drafted a new declaration along lines that Schuman might have thought of.

Where next for the Lisbon Agenda?
25 May 2009

As the 2010 Lisbon Agenda deadline for making the EU “the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world” approaches, this Policy Brief by Hans Martens and Fabian Zuleeg analyses the progress made to date, warns that work on a successor to ‘Lisbon I’ must begin now, urges policy-makers to focus more strongly on long-term challenges and the new global realities, and insists that further structural reforms are essential if Europe wants to safeguard its economic and social models.

The recovery plan revisited
17 March 2009

This Commentary by Fabian Zuleeg and Hans Martens considers whether the measures taken so far are indeed “timely, temporary and targeted”.

The stimulus package: how much is enough - and what for?
27 November 2008

The European Commission’s economic recovery plan is a step in the right direction, but this commentary by Fabian Zuleeg and Hans Martens sounds a note of caution.

Where would we be now without the euro?
14 October 2008

With the global financial crisis high on the agenda at the 15-16 October EU Summit, this Commentary by Hans Martens and Fabian Zuleeg supports European Commission President José Manuel Barroso’s claim that the euro has been “a key steadying force”, preventing a currency crisis adding to the problems caused by the credit crunch.

The spectre of stagflation
13 June 2008

This Commentary, by Hans Martens and Fabian Zuleeg, argues that Europe is still far from stagflation, but if the current crisis encourages Europeans to coordinate their structural and fiscal policies more closely, some good might still come from it.