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Marco Giuli
Marco Giuli
Policy Analyst
Tel:  +32 (0) 2286 11 90
Twitter: @MarcoGiuli

Marco Giuli joined the EPC in 2015 as Policy Analyst in the Sustainable Prosperity Programme and the Europe in the World Programme, where he focuses on the internal and external dimension of the EU energy policy.

Before that, he was Research Fellow at the Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation (2008-2015) in Brussels, taking responsibility for research in EU political economy and overall management for the Challenging Citizens Programme; visiting researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS, 2008) in Brussels and trainee for the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE, 2006-2007) in Milan and Moscow.

He holds a MA in the Economics of European Integration from the University of Bologna and a BA in International Relations from the University of Rome (Sapienza). Marco also contributes with op-eds, articles, and teaching activities to external specialized reviews and training programmes.

Internal Responsibilities

Coordination or support to several activities of the Sustainable Prosperity Programme, including the Climate and Energy Platform and the Single Market Roundtable, and support to the Europe in the World Programme

Area of expertise

EU internal market for energy; energy security and energy diplomacy; international political economy of energy; EU-Russia energy relations; Energy poverty; EU Single Market


English, French, Italian, basic Russian

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Media appearances

Hart Energy
17 June 2019
Would Nord Stream 2 Sanctions Create Opportunities For US LNG Exporters?

La Razon
30 May 2019
'Unas elecciones anticipadas en Italia relegarían al M5E a la tercera posición'

3 May 2019

TRT World
1 May 2019
Merkel ally vows to stop Nord Stream 2 pipeline | Money Talks

Politico Pro
28 March 2019
Nord Stream 2 runs aground in Denmark

15 March 2019
Brexit, l’energia pulita della Norvegia, il Venezuela… riassunto geopolitico degli ultimi 7 giorni.

RIA Novosti
7 March 2019
"Газпрому" будет очень сложно полностью закрыть транзит газа по Украине в 2020 г - эксперт

Agence Europe
6 March 2019
Naftogaz s'attend à ce que le transit du gaz russe via l'Ukraine soit arrêté en 2020 en raison de Nord Stream 2

Politico Pro
5 March 2019
Ukraine warns of Russian gas transit troubles

21 February 2019
Interview: EU faces formidable challenge in changing U.S. dollar dominance in energy trade

13 February 2019
Поправки к Газовой директиве ЕС могут быть окончательно приняты в ближайшие месяцы

Clean Energy Wire
11 February 2019
Germany to stay in command on Nord Stream 2 after deal with France on EU directive

Clean Energy Wire
11 February 2019
Germany to stay in command on Nord Stream 2 after deal with France on EU directive

8 February 2019
Tagesschau 08.02.2019

7 February 2019
France and Germany split over Nord Stream 2 pipeline

2 January 2019
Cosa (non) aspettarsi nel 2019 dalla diplomazia sul clima

15 December 2018
L'Unione utile fa la forza

11 December 2018
POLITICO Pro Morning Energy and Climate Newsletter

10 December 2018
Le notizie geopolitiche del 10 dicembre.

6 December 2018
The case with Nord Stream 2

28 November 2018
US LNG imports in EU: Markets will decide

19 November 2018
Pressure grows to stop controversial MidCat gas pipeline

Helsinki Times
15 November 2018
Finland sees its standing in EU partly through rose-tinted glasses, suggests report

Helsingin Sanomat
13 November 2018
Raportti: Suomen oma käsitys ”mallimaan” asemastaan ja maine muiden silmissä ovat ristiriidassa

13 November 2018
Tutkimus: Suomi ei olekaan EU:n mallioppilas

Interfax Energy Global
12 November 2018
Poland secures US LNG in quest for diversification

WDR (Germany)
19 October 2018
Scontro o compromesso?

Limes (Italy)
17 October 2018
Op-ed: L’Arabia Saudita non scatenerà un nuovo shock petrolifero

Anadolu (Turkey)
5 October 2018
What no deal Brexit means for UK and EU energy markets

25 September 2018
AB, dolara karşı avroyu güçlendirmeye hazırlanıyor

Limes (Italy)
30 August 2018
[Op-ed] Le possibilità e i limiti degli Usa come superpotenza energetica

El Punt Avui (Spain)
30 July 2018
L’ambició verda d’Europa

26 July 2018
Trump and Juncker: The art of the no-deal

El Watan (Egypt)
23 July 2018
'European politics': China's dependence on the Gulf is growing

Interfax - Global Energy
19 July 2018
Romania’s new offshore law threatens Black Sea projects

VICE News (US)
17 July 2018
One European leader wants to be Trump and Putin’s other BFF

Limes (Italy)
12 July 2018
Quanto e come la Germania dipende dalla Russia

New York Times
11 July 2018
Germany Imports Gas From Russia. But Is It a ‘Captive’?

RTBF (Belgium)
11 July 2018
Nord Stream 2: tout savoir sur ce projet de gazoduc qui divise

Limes (Italy)
26 June 2018
La partita petrolifera fra USA, Riyad e Mosca

Limes (Italy)
15 June 2018
Parlamento e Consiglio UE trovano accordo sulle rinnovabili

RTBF (Belgium)
5 June 2018
Italie : le nouveau gouvernement va-t-il tenir le coup ?

30 May 2018
Brussels lies low as Italy crisis continues

Limes (Italy)
30 May 2018
La dimensione geopolitica dell’accordo tra Ue e Gazprom

La Libre (Belgium)
30 May 2018
L'UE attend avec appréhension le dénouement de la crise italienne

30 May 2018
L'UE attend avec appréhension le dénouement de la crise italienne

Die Welt (Germany)
29 May 2018
Oettinger-Ratschläge schüren Spannungen mit Rom

Yle Uutiset (Finland)
17 May 2018
The Fifth Star of the Italian Government is "a great unknown"

Interfax - Global Energy
16 May 2018
Nord Stream 2 investors ponder options in Polish probe

La Razon (Spain)
15 May 2018
El gobierno italiano se hace esperar

Limes (Italy)
8 May 2018
L’Egitto al centro della geopolitica del gas nel Mediterraneo Orientale

ERR (Estonia)
23 April 2018
"Välisilm": Merkel jahutas Macroni lootusi euroala reformimisel

Limes (Italy)
6 April 2018
Bahrein oil discoveries

Express (UK)
30 March 2018
Germany secures €9.5bn gas deal with Russia in wake of expelling diplomats

Politico Pro
29 March 2018
Germany’s double gas game with Russia

Interfax - Global Energy
14 February 2018
Hungary makes preparations for LNG imports

Limes (Italy)
12 February 2018
Eni vs Turchia

ENDS Europe
9 February 2018
Analysts query EIB's €1.5bn gas pipeline investment

Limes (Italy)
2 February 2018
Le conseguenze geopolitiche del quasi-record della produzione petrolifera Usa

Limes (Italy)
3 January 2018
Geopolitics of natural gas

Anadolu agency (Turkey)
26 December 2017
Austrian hub blast proves importance of gas storage

RTV (Slovenia)
18 December 2017
Gas - the bridge between dirty and clean sources of energy

Interfax - Energy (Russia)
21 November 2017
IGI Poseidon enters crucial phase

Astana TV (Kazakhstan)
12 November 2017
Conflict of interests within the ruling elite began in Saudi Arabia

Politico Pro
8 November 2017
Commission continues the hunt to complicate Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Ria Novosti (Russia)
6 November 2017
Expert: detentions in Saudi Arabia will hardly affect the price of oil

Prime (Russia)
27 October 2017
Gazprom continues construction of a new infrastructure for gas exports to the EU

10 October 2017
Pro-Energy Newsletter

Ria Novosti (Russia)
25 September 2017
Results of elections in Germany will not change its energy policy, expert believes

Handelsblatt (Germany)
24 September 2017
Live Blog: Angela Merkel's Chastened Victory

4 September 2017
Nord Stream 2 fight set to heat up as countries show their cards

Deutsche Welle (Ukraine)
27 July 2017
Чи зупинять нові американські санкції "Північний потік-2"?

Interfax Energy (UK)
24 July 2017
OPAL court decision tilts in Gazprom’s favour

Interfax Global Energy (UK)
30 June 2017
Greek FSRU looking to secure three more investors

ERR News (Estonia)
13 June 2017
Nord Stream 2

Limes (Italy)
26 May 2017
Tre lezioni dal summit petrolifero di Vienna

Trend (Azerbaijan)
10 May 2017
Expert comments on influence of Turkish Stream on European gas market

Mandag Morgen (Denmark)
24 April 2017
Dansk gas-blokade kan koste dyrt i Arkt

Business Insider (Poland)
10 April 2017
Dania chce zablokować kontrowersyjny gazociąg. Może jednak jej się nie udać

Interfax Energy
4 April 2017
Italy’s new role as a Mediterranean transit hub

Interfax Energy
14 March 2017
Gazprom antitrust probe drawing to a close

Limes (Italy)
7 March 2017
Il nucleare della Russia per l’Ungheria

Limes (Italy)
9 February 2017
l’Energia dell’Europa

Interfax Global Energy (UK)
19 January 2017
EU energy sector digests May’s ‘hard Brexit’ pledge

Politico (Belgium)
10 January 2017
New Dutch disease — a gas hangover

Interfax (UK)
5 January 2017
DESFA deal collapse leaves questions to answer

Limes (Italy)
21 December 2016
L’Europa dopo Berlino e le altre notizie di oggi

La Razon (Spain)
6 December 2016
Hacia un cuarto «premier» sin pasar por las urnas

Energy News Terminal (Turkey)
6 December 2016
Europe's approach to second line of TurkStream mixed

NTDTV (China)
6 December 2016

Bloomberg (US)
4 December 2016
Putin’s pipeline politics in focus as EU seeks to cut dependence

Limes (Italy)
1 December 2016
La sconfitta saudita e le incognite dell’accordo Opec sul petrolio

Interfax Energy (UK)
24 November 2016
Ukraine needs a U-turn on transit fees – OIES

Limes (Italy)
8 November 2016
Il primo accordo energetico dell’Iran

Interfax (UK)
3 November 2016
OPAL ruling is a worry for Ukraine and Poland

Limes (Italy)
24 October 2016
Il connettore baltico

Azer News (Azerbaijan)
21 October 2016
OPEC’s Vienna meeting. What to expect?

Interfax (UK)
20 October 2016
Third time lucky for the Baltic Pipe project?

Azer News (Azerbaijan)
20 October 2016
Is oil era over?

Diario de Noticias (Portugal)
17 October 2016
Renzi arrisca ser a próxima vítima dos referendos boomerang

Limes (Italy)
11 October 2016
Le incognite di un accordo Opec-Russia sul petrolio

Biznes Alert (Poland)
11 October 2016
Giuli: Strategia OPEC jest słaba

TrendNews (Azerbaijan)
10 October 2016
Oil producers spotting weakness in output cut strategy

Limes (Italy)
29 September 2016
Il dubbio accordo dell’Opec sul petrolio

Interfax Global Energy
15 September 2016
Turkish Stream may up Turkey’s exposure to Russia

Biznes Alert (Poland)
6 September 2016
Giuli: Na gazociągu do Turcji zależy bardziej Moskwie niż Ankarze

Trend News Agency (Azerbaijan)
19 July 2016
Political environment not ideal to realize Turkish Stream

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
2 July 2016
Brexit effects diplomatic solution for Turkey: expert

Interfax Global Energy
8 June 2016
China is biggest demand-side forecast risk – IEA

Limes Online (Italy)
7 June 2016
L’Unione energetica europea e la Russia

Limes Online (Italy)
25 May 2016
L’energia della Germania

Anadolu Agency
5 May 2016
German MEP's view critical for Nord Stream II: expert

Limes (Italy)
18 April 2016
Non è tutto oro (nero) quello che brilla

Limes (Italy)
31 March 2016
Lo sbarco in Libia del premier Serraj allontana la guerra

Anadolu Agency
9 March 2016
Iran needs time to compete with strong gas exporters

Interfax Energy
3 March 2016
EC gas solidarity proposal raises questions

Anadolu Agency
1 March 2016
More LNG in global market will be game changer

Limes (Italy)
25 February 2016
Il gas della Russia in Europa, via Grecia e Italia

RIA Novosti (Russia)
16 February 2016
Еврокомиссия представит законопроект о проверке соглашений по газу

RIA Novosti (Russia)
16 February 2016
Аналитик: Иран и Ирак могут не согласиться на заморозку добычи нефти

Limes Online (Italy)
16 February 2016
Quanto vale l’accordo tra Russia e Arabia Saudita sul petrolio

Anadolu (Turkey)
10 January 2016
Saudi-Iran conflict endangers return of sanctions

Anadolu (Turkey)
18 December 2015
Popularity of gas in Europe will decrease: Experts

Anadolu (Turkey)
10 December 2015
Iran's mismanagement leaves north of country without gas

Limes Online (Italy)
9 December 2015
Le conseguenze del petrolio ai minimi

Anadolu (Turkey)
5 December 2015
EU trying to decide on fate of Nord Stream II

Limes Online (Italy)
2 December 2015
Istanbul, Raqqa e Putin: i tre fronti di Erdoğan

Anadolu (Turkey)
3 November 2015
Syria: Key to Turkish-Russian energy after elections

Belsat TV (Belarus)
30 October 2015
Незалежнасць ад «Газпрома». У Літвы можа атрымацца, а ў Беларусі? размова з Марка Джулі

Limes Online (Italy)
29 October 2015
Per la Russia, l’intervento in Siria val bene un Turkish Stream

Interfax (UK)
29 October 2015
Gazprom probe could end destination clauses

Bloomberg (US)
27 September 2015
Putin Courting Chinese Gas Stuck With Europe for Decade

Trend (Azerbaijan)
17 August 2015
US stopping oil price growth

Affar Internazionali (Italy)
30 July 2015
Energia: Usa verso l’autosufficienza; e l’Europa?

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
28 July 2015
Diversity answer to EU energy security against Russia

Berlingske (Denmark)
10 July 2015
Grækenland bygger bro for russisk gas

The Fuse
3 July 2015
Live from Brussels: Marco Giuli on the Potential Impact of Greece on Oil Markets

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
30 June 2015
Energy Union progress seen during Latvia EU presidency

BBC (Ukraine)
19 June 2015
Украина, Россия и ЕС: договорятся ли в "газовом треугольнике"?

Interfax Energy
11 June 2015
G7 pledges mark shift away from coal

Trend (Azerbaijan)
9 June 2015
Russian arguments on Trans-Caspian pipeline have political reasons

International Business Times
5 June 2015
Turkish Election Could Jeopardize Erdogan’s Energy Deals, Alter Relationship With EU And Russia

Al Jazeera
23 May 2015
The scramble for the South China Sea

Azernews (Azerbaijan)
19 May 2015
Caspian pivot to European gas market

Interfax Energy
14 May 2015
MEPs urge EU to reduce reliance on Gazprom

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
12 May 2015
US State Sec. Kerry in Russia to test Minsk agreement

Trend (Azerbaijan)
8 May 2015
OPEC losing influence

Trend (Azerbaijan)
7 May 2015
Lifting sanctions from Iran could contribute to Southern Gas Corridor’s expansion

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
4 May 2015
Russia may pressure Turkmenistan on gas sales via Turkey

Eunews (Italy)
28 April 2015
La mutazione di Gazprom da attore politico a impresa di mercato (o quasi)

22 April 2015
EU Fires Gazprom Warning Shot as Putin Moves to Tighten Gas Grip

22 April 2015
EU-Kommission vor gelber Karte gegen Gazprom

EU Commission raise charges against Gazprom
22 April 2015
ARD (Germany)
22 April 2015
Tagesschau 22.04.15

22 April 2015
EU-Kommission vor gelber Karte gegen Gazprom

N-TV (Germany)
22 April 2015
EU zielt auf Gazprom

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
18 April 2015
Saudis may become 'swing oil supplier' again

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
8 April 2015
No big deals to emerge between Russia and Greece

Lavoce (Italy)
31 March 2015
Ma Uber è vera innovazione?

Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
30 March 2015
Greece aims to be hub for Turkish Stream

Energy is far from being an EU issue
30 March 2015International Business Times
11 March 2015
After Letter To Tehran From U.S. Republicans, The Middle East (Except For Israel) Stays Silent

Belsat TV (Belarus)
11 March 2015
Грэцыя перайшла да пагрозаў

International Business Times
5 March 2015
Europe Looks To Turkey For Gas Bypassing Russia, Ukraine